Tanner Academy- Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


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Dr Walton sat at a long black table, feeling frustrated with the woman who was sitting in a shiny leather chair. Ms Brine's sharp grey eyes watched him wearily as he tried to convince her of releasing experiment 101 into his custody. 

After awhile she had to interrupt him once more.  

"-so as you can see-" 

"Dr Walton!" She cut, "I will repeat this once more. We cannot, will not release it. It is simple too dangerous. It's for the-" 

"-good of the nation I know! I know." He sighed in annoyance, "At least tell me what she has done to deserve such a fate." 

She hesitated, and then sighed when she saw the determined look in his eye. "As I have said, the... creature has killed an alarming amount of people. 'Innocent' people." She emphasized.  

"So why not send her to jail?" 

Ms Brine tried not to fidget and forced eye contact. "Well, Dr Walton, it is the... way in which the test subject has killed its victims." He arched an eyebrow but let her continue. "You see, from what our scientists have observed, Experiment 101 has the ability to drain energy from... well... anything." 

Dr Walton nodded, he already knew this. "When the test subject has collected an amount of energy, it can start to manipulate it in devastating ways. It has taken the lives of several of our men when we are not precise enough with the experiment's sedating." She said solemnly, thinking back to the shrivelled bodies on the clean white floors.  

Dr Walton shivered slightly when he saw that thought floating throughout Ms Brine's mind. "So you decided to lock her up down here and use her for your experiments?" He asked sourly.  

Ms Brine stared at him for a long time. "You have no idea of the possibilities that this opens up for us, for everybody." She said quietly, "Along with her destructive force, we have discovered that the test subject has healing capabilities. What we're doing will create vaccines and help the fight against tumours and cancers. Our research will create medicines that will save the life of a child while others could not." 

"Don't forget the new weapons of war." He murmured. 

She shrugged. "That will also be quite a bonus. Countries always pay well for new weapons." 

His brow burrowed while he thought. "But if she's so powerful, how did you manage to capture her in the first place?" 

Ms Brine was battling with herself, but in the end she decided to be truthful. "We didn't capture her." She said slowly, "She surrendered." 

Dr Walton stared at her, genuinely baffled. He then shook his head in defeat, he was hoping that he could've just negotiated for the girl's freedom, but by the look of things he wasn't getting anywhere. He decided to take action.  

Before she even realised it, Dr Walton was in her mind and overwhelming her thoughts. He tugged at them like puppet strings to make her only see positivity. Her eyes turned blank and empty and her features started to relax.  

"Now Ms Brine, let's talk..."


My eyelids felt heavy as I tried to open them. I was just...so...sleepy.... 

'STOP', 'Wake up Cade', 

'Cade? Who-

'That's you', the voice in my head said with a throaty chuckle.  

I frowned internally. I've heard voices before but they were never as nice as this.  

'It's ok Cade, just try not to freak out when you open your eyes. That would be quite devastating.', the voice said shortly before returning to silence.  

Confusion clouded my thoughts as I finally heaved my eyes open. Light painfully flooded my vision, but not as blinding as usual.  

I blinked and the whiteness evaporated. I was sitting in a squishy leather chair in a metal room. Small, circular windows were bolted to the walls, I leaned over to look out and gasped with shock. Puffy white clouds floated before my eyes and the rolling hills were speckled with trees. The gentle lights in the cabin flickered and the massive body of the aircraft shuddered. 

"Hey! I thought I told you not to freak." A familiar voice said. 

My head snapped to the source of the noise. A greying head of hair peeked over the top of a New Idea mag. He casually flicked a page over. Suspicion hovered in my eyes and I tried to move my arms, but I found I couldn't. I glanced down at my body and a hiss escaped my mouth. My whole torso was encased with heavy iron restraints.  

I stood and stretched my arms outwards with a grunt. The metal bent and I heaved the encasing over my head. It landed on the floor with a heavy 'thunk'.  

The man looked over the top of his magazine. "I was just about to give you the key, you know." He said. 

I searched through muddled thoughts to place a name to the grey-eyed man.  

"Dr Walton." He eventually said, seeing my confusion. "And I'm sorry about the cage, it's just if I let you walk out of that place freely people would start to wonder." He said, but I wasn't listening anymore. 

Instead, I let myself wander gingerly around the small space, touching the walls and staring out of the windows. It felt heavenly to stretch my aching limbs, but I took it careful after a cramp seized my calves. Was this real? 

Dr Walton nodded. "Very much so." 

He looked at me intently and I stared back at him. And then, out of all of the things I could've said, I asked "Who's driving the plane?" 

He grinned, suddenly reminding me of a three year old instead of a man, and pointed to a door at the head of the room. "Ratchet of course. I myself, do not have the talent to operate such things."  

An intercom in the top-left corner buzzed on. "Nice to meet you!" a male voiced said and then sneezed explosively, followed by a long "Ewww..." 

I studied Dr Walton's face. His features were bright and open, and his grey eyes were gentle. Creases traced his tan skin, showing off crows feet and laugh lines. "How did this happen?" I asked quietly, almost to myself. 

He clasped his fingers together. "Do you remember my little chat with you, Cade?"  

I screwed my eyes together, not wanting to remember. "Well," he continued, "I managed to persuade our dear Ms Brine to release you into my custody." 

"She never would have done that. Never." I said with confidence. 

He shrugged. "Let's just say telepathy has its merits."  

Telepathy. I wasn't surprised. It was obvious from the start that he was no ordinary person. But a strange realisation started to dawn on me. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Can you...?" I murmured, gesturing to my head.

 I saw him hesitate, just for a moment, and then he nodded. I started to smile. I walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder. "You're a good man doctor, an idiot certainly, but still good." I said to him, amusement in my voice. 

He sighed, clearly seeing the sudden weight of the situation. Something out the window caught his eye. He leaned over and pointed, motioning for me to come look. "Cade, welcome to your new home." He said as I walked over.  

Beneath us was a massive old mansion. People spotted the basketball courts and the football field like ants. Lush gardens and stone pathways swirled around the mansion, pools of water sometimes coming through. "Welcome to Tanner Academy."

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