On My Way To 1D's CONCERT! :D

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Shelby's POV

"Devyn! Come on!" I yelled at her.

"Im comin', i'm comin', calm yourself." She said. Shes my sister well thats what we call eachother.

"Oh good! You wore your 1D shirt!" I said

"Yeaah. I hope we yell Zayn's name so loud that he'll wave to us!" She said smiling.

"Oh my god! Me too! But don't you like Harry?" I asked.

"Maybe..." She said smirking. I rolled my eyes.

"Ok lets go!" I said jumping up and down.

Our ride was outside, it was my other friend Sarah and her mom. We waved to them.

"You girls excited?" Sarah's mom asked.

We all looked at eachother and said "YES!"

"I can tell!" Sarah's mom said while laughing.

I was so excited! For once we actually got seats where we can touch the STAGE!!!!!!!!!!

"Oh, I hope Liam smiles at me!" Sarah said putting both hands below her neck.

"Oh I hope Harry touches my hand!" Devyn said putting her elbows on her lap and rested her chin on her fists.

"I hope Zayn looks at me when he says 'Thats what makes you beautiful!'" I said starring out the window. What if he really did that?!!!

1 hour later

"OMG, WERE HERE!" I screamed.

"Hey wild child calm it down back there." Sarah's mom said.

I laughed. "Sorry but what if these boys were The Beatles in your day?" I asked crossing my arms smirking.

She parked the car and said: "OMG THAT WOULD BE SO COOL GIRRRRRLS!"

I laughed and so did Sarah and Devyn.

30 Minutes Later

"Wow that took forever." I said while sitting in our sits.

"Yeah." Devyn and Sarah said at the same time.

I heard a microphone drop from backstage. I laughed.

"Hopefully Zayn's okay." I said smiling.

Sarah and Devyn rolled their eyes.

Wow im I that obsessed? Whatever IM STILL AT A 1D CONCERT!

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