Chapter 14 ― Mila

“Are you excited?” Moni asked whilst I kept looking for my phone. Seriously, how could I lose it so easily? And I needed my phone; I used it for everything.

“Why do you ask?” I inquired innocently though I knew perfectly what she was talking about.

Moni snorted like a lady never should do and hit me softly in the arm. “First off, we’re officially free!” she almost screamed and I giggled without stopping to look for my phone. “Second off, they are coming back today. You’re gonna see them again! I can’t believe a month has passed,” she rambled making me laugh.

“It’s not a big deal, Moni,” I told her kneeling to look for my phone under the bed. “Can you call me again? Maybe I’ll hear it now.”

“Sure,” she replied calling me with her phone that she never lost. Lucky bastard. “And it is a big deal. You’ve been talking to Harry everyday and with the other lads quite often, too. That curly seem your new BFF and I’m worried he’s stealing you from me! And now we’re gonna spend holidays with them. I’ll have an eye on that boy,” she said threateningly which only made me laugh. Hey, my phone! The damn thing was behind the nightstand.

“Silly, you know that no one will replace you,” I told her but she kept looking at me with her arms folded. “Now let’s go if we expect to get to the airport in time.”

Yes, we were going to receive them at the airport as a surprise. Alex insisted I had to go and she even talked to Moni to help her convince me. Those two were united in this OTP thing. We hung out some days —those few days we had a few hours for ourselves— and more than once both girls started chanting ‘OTP, OTP, OTP’. So Moni now was in Alex’s side but I didn’t understand them, it was clear that Zayn and I were never going to work out for very simple reasons. He was crazy for Alex, not me. Plus, I didn’t like Zayn that way. Although I hoped we could make aside our differences —and by differences I meant his inability to see me— and become friends.

“My OTP will reunite today!” Moni squeaked like a silly fangirl getting over all her speech about me replacing her with Harry. “Let’s go! Hurry up!” And then the brunette practically ran out of my room. I worried about my best friends sometimes, even more when she had drunk so much coffee in one day.

I walked behind her telling myself that the knot in my stomach had nothing to do with the fact that I was seeing Zayn again and that I hadn’t thought of him more than what I thought of the other lads. I talked to him a few times and my heart didn’t leap every time I saw him on the screen or when he smiled at me.

Ugh, who was I trying to fool? I had all those silly reactions when I saw him and I did think of him more than I should. I couldn’t stop my heart from skipping a beat when he smiled at me so genuinely, like he was really glad to see me. I didn’t know why I wanted him to notice me, to see me so badly. I didn’t know why I cared so much. But I did, even if I tried to fool myself about it.

When I got to my car, Moni was already there, plugging in her iPhone. We were meeting with Alex and Belle in the airport. Phebs couldn’t make it because her boyfriend had invited her to meet his parents. Things were going pretty serious there and she told us that she was going to introduce him to all of us very soon. I was really eager to meet him because Phebs could only say wonderful things about him. In fact, I felt like I already knew him.

The lads didn’t know we were going to meet them there. Alex had planned all this with Paul without them noticing it so it was going to be a surprise. I particularly was really enthusiastic about seeing their faces after so many hours in a plane. I wanted to make fun of Harry.

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