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You will never
the hell
I feel inside
my head

Heaven's POV:

During the whole car ride, I was thinking about what Fiona had said earlier. Killian hurt me so much, yet I forgive him over and over again.

Maybe she's right. I have to toughen up a little, and not let him play with my feelings again. But of course it's easier said than done.

I love him.

I hate to see him sad because of me. I cannot stop myself from forgiving him. Every time I look at his overly beautiful face, my heart melts, and all the grudge I held against him, vanishes in seconds.

He knew, that I would never be upset with him for too long, and he knew very well how much I loved him. He was using my love for his advantage.

And I was letting him have his way with me all the time.

There he was sitting next to me in all his glory driving the car. I took the time to examine his handsome face from the profile.

The bags under his eyes, caught my attention immediately. He seemed tired, as if he couldn't sleep for days.

The stubble on his face grew even more. It made him look older and matured. I couldn't deny the fact that I liked it. He looked absolutely exquisite, even in a sleepless state.

"Are you done checking me out?" His velvety voice brought me out of my trance.

My cheeks burned up with embarrassment. I wasn't checking him out. Or was I? Ugh, I'm behaving like a lovesick teenage girl again.

"Don't worry, you can check me out all you want. You don't have to be embarrassed, I'm all yours." He said, shaking my world completely.

He's all mine? How?

"I wasn't checking you out." I replied, ignoring his last statement.

"You seem tired." I exclaimed.

"Does that worry you?"

"No, it's just why I was looking at your face. I mean it is obvious, that you didn't have much sleep."

"I was thinking about you the whole night." he looked at me with expectation in his eyes, as he stopped at the red light.

Don't believe him, Heaven! The voice in my head told me over and over again.

"Why would you think about me?"

"Is there a reason not to think about the woman I love?" he answered confidently.

I was speechless.

He says he loves me, but how can I be sure. Just a few moments ago he hated me, and now all of a sudden he loves me. He's confusing my mind, and most importantly my heart.

I tried to ignore what he said and looked towards Zachy, who fell asleep in the backseat. My little baby was tired.

"Can you stop being so cold towards me?"

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