Chapter ThirtySix- Necromancy Is A Serious Time Killer

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Chapter ThirtySix- Necromancy Is A Serious Time Killer

July 25th: Waxing Crescent

    One thing I was certain of in that moment: Lockheart's determination to be brought back up from the dead. It was a given that Zac was right behind him on the idea, even willing to work with Jade and Simone, but they were the issue. They seemed so shocked at the proposition that they were at a loss for words. I recall Jade telling me only a few days ago that it's never really been done so why was Lockheart expecting so much out of it?

    Let's not forget that Jade hated Lockheart. He may not be the same now, but that didn't mean it would stop Jade from remembering everything. Even Simone had things to be mad at him about considering she'd been locked away in a basement due to his hanging around town. If he really wanted their help he was going to have to do some serious convincing. I mean, this probably couldn't even be done anyway. 

    "You know Lockheart," Jade began, her eyes squinted in suspicion, "there is a high likely-hood of this going completely wrong. Besides, even if I agreed to do it I'm not going to like it. That could effect the level of magic I'm able to do."

    Lockheart only looked at her, his face devoid of anything. I had to hand it to him, he had a nice poker face. "So, you wouldn't even do this to save your best friends life? You wouldn't do this to keep her from doing things she doesn't want to? In all honesty I never would have asked you to do this if it wasn't for Amanda. Actually, I quite like being dead...not a ton of stuff for me to worry about."

    Simone still had yet to say anything and Jade was flickering her emotions between anger and fear. I could tell this was a hard thing for them to decide on even if it was for Amanda. This kind of thing had never been done before after all so who knows what the outcome will be. For all we knew something terrible could happen and then he'd have no hope of coming back. Then again, with three witches working together was it actually possible?

    "No no no," Simone said beside me. "I know what you're thinking Ren and we can't just back a decision like this. This whole ordeal is way to risky if you ask me."

    Sometimes I really wished Simone didn't know me so well that she could tell every emotion on my face. It was like I was an open book to her which was something that I used to like but now it was very annoying. 

    "Come on, necromancy is fun," came Zac now, his face glowing in anticipation. 

    "What so are you like a master or something?" Jade asked. 

    From the way Zac acted and talked I wouldn't be surprised if he was. The kid was creepy and quite frankly I would be overjoyed when I wouldn't have to stand so close to him anymore. He was giving off this evil-like vibe making me wonder if we really should trust him. He seemed to like Lockheart though so perhaps it wasn't such a big risk, but still...

    "As a matter of fact, Zac is very skilled in necromancy. He would be able to guide both of you through the entire process and I am almost positive that with a few hours spent into the spells this will be a success." Lockheart looked so confident about this that it was actually scary. 

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