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A/N: I had to rewrite this because the first copy got deleted. I'm so pissed but I'm happy with how this chapter turned out.

Enjoy the smut.😆😆

Harry couldn't fucking breathe as Louis continued to fuck into him. There was a slight burn down at his ass but he didn't care. Not when Louis was filling him up in the best way possible. He could feel Louis in his stomach and he was getting lightheaded. This was the most pleasure he had ever felt from another guy. Louis was absolute sin but Harry was in heaven.

Louis was groaning against Harrys' neck as he continued to fuck into him. He would let out small grunts and thrust his hips sharply sending the head of his cock against Harrys' prostate. Feeling the younger boy tremble and shake underneath him was absolutely incredible. It added to the intense pleasure he was feeling and he didn't think anything would ever beat this.

He reached down and grabbed each side of Harrys' legs and lifted them up to wrap around his waist. He grunted and continued to fuck into Harry without a second thought. He sat up as he moved so he could stare down at Harrys' beautiful face. His eyes were closed, hair spread out around him and beads of sweat was dripping down the sides of his face. His neck was covered in love bites and the thought of claiming Harry was enough to have Louis picking up his pace. His balls hit the back of Harrys' ass as he pushed Harrys' legs up further. His legs were in the air now causing Louis to stand up on his a bit.  He placed his arms on the ground as he began fucking into Harry from a different angle.

Harry cried out and grabbed onto Louis' shoulders, "Fuck, Louis. Feels so good."

His groans were low and deep and there was no other sound on earth that Louis loved more.  Harrys' coc.k was hard and bouncing with each thrust leaking pre-cum onto Harrys' stomach. Louis made a mental note to lick it off of him afterwards. But for now he focused on how tight Harry was around him, how the other boy clenched around him each time he pushed in.

"You feel so good." Louis spoke, breathlessly, "So fucking good."

He let out a high-pitched moan that turned into a whimper as Harry clenched around him again. His fingers were digging into the blankets as he continued to rapidly fuck into Harry. Harry was losing his mind underneath Louis and Louis was about to pass out. The pleasure was that fucking intense and worth the wait. What may not have been long to some felt like a lifetime for both boys.

Harry pushed his hips down causing Louis' co.ck to slide further inside of him. Louis tossed his head back and groaned. He was about to die he knew it. He was going to cu.m inside of Harry and die. But he had no complaints. First he had to push Harry to the edge. He wanted to see Harrys' face, wanted to feel his ass clench around him as his entire body trembles. 

Louis licked his lips and pulled out causing Harry to whimper. He smirked before running the head of his cock against Harrys' rim before pushing right back in.

"Fuck yes." Harry groaned, grabbing onto the sheets below him. He was panting, sweaty and completely out of it. He couldn't even fathom what was going on outside of the tent. All he could feel, smell and taste was Louis.

"Louis." Harry groaned, "Oh fucking hell. I'm so fucking hard. So fucking close."

Louis was close as well but he didn't want this to end yet. So he pulled out once again and rolled Harry to his side. He lifted one of Harrys' legs up and slid right back inside. Harry tossed his head back against Louis' chest as Louis began fucking inside of him once again. One of Louis' hands were on Harrys' hips while the other was in Harrys' hair. He was breathing hard and groaning into Harrys' ears and the sounds were going straight to Harrys' co.ck.

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