Meeting The Vampire's

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(Third Person POV)

Bubbles woke up to the alarm she set on her phone, it was her favorite song by Jai weatford called shy. ( If your a Jai weatford fan vote for this story I love his songs). Bubbles flipped her light blue cover of off her body and jumped out of bed with a smile on her face. Bubbles skipped over to her window and opened it wide enough for her to stick her head out of it. She breathed in the nice air and smiled once more. She stuck her head back inside and wen to the bathroom to take a shower. Bubbles was so excited to go to her new high school but was scared about making friends. Her freshman year of high school at her old school wasn't very pleasant. Girls kept calling her a crybaby, beating her until she bleed, and her sister weren't even there to help her until after the damage was done.

As Bubbles was in the shower she was singing her favorite song called 'Get To Know You' from Jai weatford.

"I wanna get to know you better, you can tell me all your secrets, don't hide them from me, YEAH YEAH!"

Bubbles got out of the shower still sing but brushing her hair at the same time.

"I wanna get to know you better I'm there for you whenever, you wanna get to know me cause I'm cool with that."

She grabbed her make up off her dresser and applied some light blue eye shadow, mascara, and a bit if blush. She came back to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

After brushing her hair she put it into two ponytails then smiled at her appearance. She walked out of the bathroom and into her closet where she picked out her clothes. She picked out a pair of baby blue pants and a white tank top with blue shoes to match. She walked out her room and into the kitchen where she was meet by her two sisters Blossom and Buttercup.

Buttercup have on a green t-shirt with the word 'Don't like me fight me, if I don't like you then were fighting' on it and black pants with green shoes. Buttercup was the tough one out of the three. She played a lot of sports and skateboard like a pro. The girls at there old school was terrified of Buttercup so they kept there distance and stayed on her nice side.

"Moring Bubbles"

"Morning Buttercup and maybe you should wear that you might be sending the wrong message to people."

Bubbles pointed at Buttercup shirt.

"Don't worry Bubbles I'm sending the right message to people. If they don't like me then they want to fight me." Buttercup said

Bubbles rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen where Blossom was getting some juice.

"Hey Bubbles god morning"

"Morning Blossom... Wow you really pretty!"

Blossom has on a pink shirt that hugs her body and a pair of black pants with a pair of black short Uggs that have fur on the outside. She also have on some make up just like Bubbles but pink instead of blue. Finally she topped it of with putting her hair in a ponytail with a bow.

"Thanks Bubbles I just threw something on."

"No problem Bloss."

Blossom grabbed her juice and walked out the kitchen with Bubbles.

"Ok let's get ready to go before were late." Said Buttercup

Blossom and Bubbles grabbed there backpacks then walked out the door behind Buttercup. They walked to school since it was only 2 blocks.

"Guys what if the people at our new school is just like the people at our old school?" Asked Bubbles

"Don't worry Bubbles I made sure we have the same classes so we will be there if anyone try to hurt you." Said Blossom

"Yea and if I do catch someone trying to hurt you I'll personally punch them until they couch up blood just a gift from me to them." Buttercup laughed at her joke and her sisters just rolled there eyes.

They reached the front of the school and there was so many people there. A girl with brown hair and blonde highlights walked up to them.

"Hey I'm Becky you guys look new."

"Um... yea we are I'm Blossom, that Buttercup, and this is Bubbles." Said Blossom pointing to her sisters.

"Well welcome to Uranium High school"


"Do you guys need to go to the office and get your lockers and schedule?"

"Yea can you show us where it is?" Asked Bubbles


Becky started walking towards the school and the three girls followed them. Becky turned around to look at Buttercup.

"I love your shirt by the way it looks awesome!"

Buttercup smiled at the compliment.

"Thanks I like your outfit to"

Becky have on a light brown shirt with khaki pants and black shoes. Her hair went all the way down to her mid back and she was wearing a golden necklace.

Becky smiled Buttercup.

As they entered the school many teens walked passed with there friends going to there classes or lockers. A group of girls walked up to them and one girl with blonde hair walked was in front of them all.

"Hey Becky who are your new friends did you introduce me to them yet?" Asked the blonde girl

"No now go away Crystal"

"What's wrong Becky she seems nice?" Asked Bubbles walking to stand beside Crystal.

"She is a crazy psychopath who needs to be locked in a dungeon. She is jumped a girl just because she sat at her table" Said Becky

Bubbles walked back to stand by her sister.

"Well since I'm not wanted here me and my true friends will be going off now." Said Crystal

She and her friends walked off.

"Sorry about that guys she just never leaves me alone." Said Becky

"Well don't worry if she ever mess with you again I will just have to do what my shirt says." Said buttercup pointing to her shirt.

Becky laughed them thanked Buttercup. They kept walking to the office until they finally reached it. They got there lockers and schedules then headed to there first class since you can bring your back pack in class on the first day.

As they all walked into there first class there was only one table with four empty seats and that was with the schools playboys Brick, Butch, and Boomer.

Bubbles was about to sit at there table when Becky stopped her.

"Are you guys sure you want to sit a table with them, they are the schools biggest playboys. Some girls say with one look you will fall in love them."

"There just a bunch of boys Becky nothing we can't handle." Said Bubbles

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup walked to there table and sat down. They gasped when they saw them. They had pale white skin and there eyes were shining a bright red color. The boys looked at them and just stared at each other for a while until Butch broke the silence.

"Um... hi I'm Butch"

Okay guys here is the first chapter I hope you like it. Also here is the song Bubbles was singing.

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