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nammie_nums: Hyungieee guess what uppppp

Seokmedaddy: the ceiling.

Seokmedaddy: oh come on that was a classic

Seokmedaddy: can't stop won't stop sweetie

Seokmedaddy: I'm not giving in my precious jokes for your love and affection like before.

nammie_nums is typing...

nammie_nums; fine, but joonie woves hyungie more than hyungie loves hyungie

Seokmedaddy: damn are you sure?

nammie_nums: maybe I should have thought before I typed

Seokmedaddy: yOu dArE quEsTioN tHe lOVe Mr. WorlD wiDeHandSome haS for T H E mR. wOrlDwIde hAndSome I'm o f f e n d e d-

nammie_nums: hyungieeeeee I'm being serious!

Seokmedaddy: :(;゙゚'ω゚'): yes baby

nammie_nums: my fwiends wanna meet you

Seokmedaddy: oh, do they now?

nammie_nums: mhmm they said I talks a lot ow weally good stuff about hyungie so they wanna talk to you!

Seokmedaddy: awww my baby talks about me to his friends how precious

nammie_nums: its nothing much, really...////

Seokmedaddy: well good thing too, because my friends wanted to meet you too

nammie_nums: we shouLD make a group chat!

Seokmedaddy: I dont thing Grindr has a group chat feature, doll

nammie_nums: no u dunce I mean normal texting, we have each other's phone numbers

Seokmedaddy: okay damn I'm s o r r y

Seokmedaddy: but yeah let's do it

nammie_nums: you rlly should be

Seokmedaddy: (`_')ゞ

nammie_nums: (๑>◡<๑)

Seokmedaddy: you're lucky you're a precious bean that I want to protect u lil shit <33

nammie_nums: lyt hyungieee~~


This the love hate relationship I be having with a lot of my friends tbh

- also another important notice is that when I say he's in between headspaces a lot I mean that there will be times where his mind feels tiny but the rest of him is acting normal, so like in a public setting he'll type all cute and innocent n shit but in reality he's studying at a library like rn

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