One By One

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It had been a week since Lena Luthor signed her marriage documents. She refused to admit it, but her husband was right. Sir Frederick never showed up at the mansion again. Word had gotten out. Almost the whole of England knew she was now married to The Phantom.

Thousands of congratulation letters had been sent to the mansion. With the permission from her husband, Lena found herself reading every single one of them. She couldn't believe how many people cared about The Phantom. These letters had sent by people from all different kinds of life. The children from an orphanage that her husband had funded, university students that he sponsored, noble people, and even the King send his congratulations! Just name it, from all around the world, people had congratulated The Phantom on his marriage.

It truly amazed Lena how much influence her husband had. She had come to the conclusion that her husband had travel around the world for his business.

A sudden knock at the door stole her attention away from the letter in her hand, the young lady Luthor was sitting on her husband's desk. She had been sleeping in his bedroom since she came to the mansion.

"Come in."

Lena says as she puts the letter down.

Winn's head pops out from the door. He had that childish grin on his face again. The valet keept giving her that grin since she signed the marriage contract. Lena couldn't help but sigh.

"When are you going to wipe that grin off your face?"

"Hmmm... not anytime soon."

His grin widened. Lena rolled her eyes. She had grown used to his company by now. The valet always explained what she wanted to know about the phantom. She was slowly learning more about her husband from the valet.

"What do you want, Winn?"

Lena says dryly. The valet in front of her laughs before clearing his throat in a very forced manly way.

"You've got some packages from master Phantom."

A pair of brows quickly rose in excitement, a big smile appeared on Lena's face. This was the first time her husband had sent packages to her.

"Bring them in."

The lady didn't even try to hide her excitement. In a few seconds, three maids came in the room with some packages. Each maid carried two packages. Carefully, they put them on the desk. Lena watched with sparkling eyes. She didn't even notice Winn and the maids exiting the room.

This was the first time Lena had received so many gifts. Sure, Lionel bought her gifts when they were still living in comfort but it was never this much.

Lena barely noticed the brown card on top of the biggest package. The young lady picked up the card and read it out loud.

To my dearest wife,

I just want to spoil you. Besides, I still feel guilty because I didn't give you the wedding you deserved. Anyway, I hope you like them.

The Phantom (K.D)

Lena didn't know it was possible but her smile just widen. Her cheeks are hurting from smiling too much but she just can't help it. Her husband is too damn charming!

With the butterflies still in her stomach, Lena start unboxing the nearest package she can grab. Its a rather small box shaped as a heart. Carefully, she opened the box. The young lady gasped as she looked at what was in the box. It was a very beautiful locket with a big round pearl as the main attraction. Lena looked behind the locket. Something was written on it. You are my most beloved.

Ah! Can't her husband give her heart a break? He keeps surprising her... With all of these sweet things. It feels like he actually, truly cared for her... if this continued... She might just fall for him.

Lena don't know if it's a good thing or not.

Suddenly, the lady of the house didn't feel all excited for the packages anymore. She felt the urge to figure out her feelings for her mysterious husband.

Winn was ultimately confused as Lena walked to the garden with such an unreadable expression on her face. One moment the lady was all excited and now... The valet can't figure out what Lena is thinking.

He is just hoping this sudden change wasn't caused by Kara.

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