Queens of the Kingdom

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Far off in the mushroom kingdom, there were was two Queens. Bowsette, The mighty tyrant that exercised her forces to conquer all of the mushroom kingdom so she may rule all under her mighty fist.

There was thought to be no creature to fight back against her might and brute force as she scorched the kingdom with her hateful spite. Only the princess of the Mushroom kingdom, Peach could ever dispel her magic and power. Along this unquestionable threat, there was another. Queen Boo.

Another ruler in the mushroom kingdom. Unlike bowsette, she attempts to stay away and keep attention away from her mansion and her fellow ghosts. With her being to shy to even begin maintaining eye contact, It's a wonder of how she became queen in the first place. With her abilities of phasing through walls and manipulate minds, She is no enemy to take lightly.

These two queens would never have met under normal circumstances... Until a certain reader is introduced into this new kingdom and catches the eyes of these two queens of immense power!

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