Six; Good Morning

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My eyes stretched open to see bars on either side of me. I sat up and noticed that I was back in Jessica's room in the big crib. I was wearing a wet diaper and a pink onesie. I squealed and started to cry and pull on the bars. In only a few seconds, Jessica ran in, lifting me up out of the crib.

"Hey, sh, sh. What's the matter?"

"Y-y-y-you k-k-ke-keped m-m-m-me from hooommmmme!" I yelled, through gasps and tears and sniffles. .

"Calm down, beautiful. Take a few deep breaths. Last night you were happy and okay with it. Is it not okay now?" She put me down on her desk, rubbing my tummy with one hand and my hair with the other.

I suddenly started to remember last night. After I woke up, Carly was carrying me out of Sonny's room and into Jessica's.

"Sweetie, can you stay here tonight and rest? We will take care of you like you need to be taken care of and treat you like the little princess you are." I had dozed off a few times while Carly spoke to me. I couldn't do anything but nod, making her smile at me. She quickly changed me and out me in the crib. She said something to Jessica as I slowly fell into the best sleep that I had ever had.

*End of flashback*

"W-Where's C-Cawly?" I started to calm down, and Jessica rubbed up and down my sides.

"Babygirl, why do you need Carly? Can't I help?" I shrugged. I wanted out of this diapee. Badly. It's gross. I was suddenly crying again as I felt the pressure in my bladder building up again.

"Hey, what's the matter, baby? It's okay." She ran her finger tips gently across my face, sweeping the tears away like dust. I reached down for the diaper and she gently grabbed my hand to stop me.

"That's okay, cutie. I'll get it." She carried me to her desk and sat me down. She tried to push me back so that I was laying, but I refused.

"Silly girl, lay down for me. I can't get you out of this diapee if you don't." She lightly pulled in my hair with one hand using the other to push my into a lasting position. Her hand was right on my bladder as I lied down and the diaper got a little fuller. Shit.

"Such a good little girl." I blushed as she started undoing the diaper and tried to stop her. She grabbed my hands and held then above my head.

"Hmm?" She hummed at me as she took off the wet diaper, placed a new one under me and the cold wipe slid around my skin. In a few seconds, she was putting baby powder on me and closing it up the clean diaper. She lifted me back up and I clung to her muscular body.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" She rocked me, walking around the room. I suddenly remembered why I came here, gasping.

"My sister!" I yelled and she gently slapped my bottom as a warning.

"Someone already dropped her off. Calm down, angel." Who the fuck would have had my sister and known where I was?

"Who d-did?" I asked Jessica, and she smiled.

"I think her name was Cassandra. She asked all about you, numerous times." I sat there with my mouth hanging open.

No. Fucking. Way.

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