Imagine #2

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(Part 2 from last imagine)

{Wyatt oleff}

It has been over 6 years since you had last spoken to Wyatt and since then your life has been pretty successful! You started your own hairdressing company, you had gotten married  to a lovely guy named Nathan, had a little girl named Sophie who is 3 years old and over 6 months ago you just gave birth to twin boys named Cameron and Dylan!

You were at the grocery store with Sophia while Nathan was at home watching the twins. You and Sophia were in the fresh fruits section of the store.

"Y/n is that you?" You heard coming from behind you, you'd know that voice anywhere. "Shit!" You whispered to yourself.

You turned around "hey wyatt" you said awkwardly ,"How have you been" "I've been really good, how about you"

"I'm good, it's been like what 6 years since we last talked" "yep it's been awhile" "how are you and Nathan?" "We are good"

"Listen y/n I've been wanting to contact you" "Well good for you, it's your fault we haven't talked, I invited you to my wedding and you didn't show up"

"The only reason I didn't go was because I didn't want to see you with someone else" "Wyatt we dated when we were 16, we were still basically kids the relationship didn't really matt-" "Well it mattered to me!"

"Wyatt I would love to sit and argue all day about this but I really have to get my groceries" "then let's set up a time for us to catch up" you look at him for a moment in confusion and then take a deep breath in

"Uh fine whatever, where and when?" "Friday night and let's just go for a walk around" "Okay see you then"


I was about to head out the door to go meet up with Wyatt when I hear Nathan calling me

"Hey y/n love?" "Yeah babe?" "Be cautious" "what do you mean?" "If this guy tries to even put a move on you, tell me and  I will beat his ass"

"Will do" I give him a kiss and walk out the door


I'm on a park bench waiting for Wyatt to show up, when I see him walking towards me. "Hey y/n" he gives me a hug and sits beside me

"So Wyatt what did you need to talk to me about?" "Us"

I laugh "Wyatt there is no us anymore, we were kids who liked each other, that's it!"

"You might have thought that but I didn't" "listen Wyatt after we broke up, I told you I still liked you and you chose hailey!" "Y/n I know that but pl-" "Wyatt stop thinking about the past, let's focus on the future i think we can be great friends" "but I don't want to be just friends"

"Wyatt stop! Don't you get it I have definitely moved on, you should too! We are not going to happen again, I have a husband and kids who are the world to me so no!" "But y-" "don't but y/n me, this conversation is over"

And you stormed off just like that

Wyatt's pov
Oh y/n I love you why does it have to be like this

A/n: was this bad? Should I delete this? It should I make a part 3 ;)

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