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"chuvy bunny" she stuffed another marshmallow in her cheeks.

"shubby hunny" I shoved another marshmallow in my mouth despite the fact there wasn't really any room, and Aria began to laugh.

She tried her hardest but eventually ended up laughing so hard all the marshmallows fell out of her mouth into her lap.

"Gwoss" I held back a laugh.

I began to chew the marshmallows and grinned through closed lips.

"I win."

But that didn't even matter because when I saw her laugh it was like my heart had jumped out of my chest.

Her smile was huge, a rosy pink tint painted on her cheeks. She wiped a tear from laughter.

I was stunned.

"What?" She smiled, still recovering from the laugh attack.

You're absolutely beautiful...

"Nothing," I tried my hardest to keep my face from burning.

"Well, I still beat your ass in Call Of Duty, so..." she smirked.

Oh, so she had a cocky side...

I felt my phone start to buzz in my pocket.

Jen was calling.

I picked up my phone and answered it, Aria watching me curiously.


"Noah..." Her voice was almost whisper. I could tell she was trying to sound sexy, and that she was most likely drunk. I sighed.

"Are you still at the bar?"

"No, *hiccup*, that nice boy Keith dropped me off at my house after you left with... her."

The way Jen said 'her' referring to Aria didn't sound nasty, more like she was a little hurt.

I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved with Jen again, especially after what she told me that night. It was just cruel.

I was an ass.

"Listen, drink some water, and go to bed."

"I love it when you tell me what to do..."

I rolled my eyes.

"Goodnight, Jen." Aria perked up after hearing me say Jen's name.

I hung up the phone.

"Is she okay?" Aria asked.

"Yeah, she just had a little too much to drink..."

Arias gaze fell into her lap.

"So, you and Jen, huh?"

"It's complicated..."

"It didn't seem complicated when you kissed me."

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