Chapter 6: I'll Be Back For You

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I roll over and hit something hard yet warm, my body freezes as an unknown smell hits me. Pine and fresh air wash over me, the smell was so intoxicating.

"Mate!" Victoria screamed I felt my breath hitch at the word she screamed. She's got to be just messing with me right? But that does explain the electricity sparkling through me.

The mysterious object rose from my bed, signaling me its a person. The bed dipped back to its original place. I kept my composure as I believed the person had left. A warm hand grazed my cheek, leaving sparks in my path. My breath caught but I did my best to fight it. The hand cupped behind my ear, then a pair of the softest lips laid to my forehead. My heart was crashing against my chest, I was sure whoever was with me could hear it. The lips were warm, smooth, and an unknown feeling filled me. It's that feeling when you see something heart clenching happen in a movie. Or when your mom is so excited over the stupidest thing. Or imagining my dad. Love? can't be.

"I will be back for Queen Nicole." The voice was husky, yet smooth, sexy, entrancing, luring. An accent of something unknown clenched onto his voice. I fought the chill that wanted to ripple down my spine, the hand's warmness left along with its mesmerizing smell.

I heard the door click open and footsteps of someone rather large exit the room after shutting it. I shot up straight in my bed and glanced at my alarm clock. I was panting heavily as I tried to wrap around my brain why a mysterious man came to my house at 4 am and called me his queen.

How does he know my name!

"Why didn't you kiss him!" I gasp loudly, fear filling me. I laid back down and pretended to be asleep again, afraid he was still in the house.

"Your joking right?!? There's no way I have a mate, it's illegal! Plus, who could sneak in our borders and get away with it? Its someone here playing a heartless prank. Probably used some stupid potion for the sparks." She whimpered, rolling over and not looking at me.

"Maybe your right." She sighed, that's been her dream for so long. Hell... it's every wolves dream. I slam my face in my pillow and groan, feeling sleep invaded my thoughts again. A dark chuckling fills my ears, making my heart stop.

But, I'm already asleep.


"Nikki?" A womanly voice said while shaking me. It takes a moment before my thoughts enter my head and my body turns on. I growl and shove my face deeper in my pillow, not ready for the morning.

"Sweetie...a new guy is here to take us shopping." She said dully, my curiosity heightened and it mixed with confusion.

"Shopping?" I turn over and look at her, her hair done and her eyes looking happy to see me alive.

"Alpha met our Luna! We have to have a ceremony so he's taking us shopping." I growl and mumble under my breath, not giving any shits. I swing my legs off the bed and she takes a step back as I stretch. A random smell filled my nose, lingering on my sheets. I sniffed the air, pine, and fresh midnight air is the only way I could explain it. Nature.

My body stiffened, so that wasn't a dream. I shake it off while standing, stretching again. Mom walks out of my room so I could fix myself up, after deciding to keep what I had on I walked to the bathroom. I tangled my hair and my brush together, getting frustrated and throwing it down. Grabbing all the stands of my dark hair I yank it painfully into a messy bun. I shrug, not second glancing my make up. I blew a free strand out of my face before pushing the door open and seeing the huge guy at our tiny dinner table.

"Would you like some breakfast sir?" Mom spoke as she set down two plates of bacon and waffles, he let out a curt nod and she rushed to the kitchen.

"Not to be disrespectful sir." His gray eyes flashed to me as I sat beside him.

"But, aren't you not allowed to be "kind" to us?" He sighed, his eyes falling. His hair was shaggy and blonde, looking to be at least in his 40's.

"My mom used to be the omega so I have a bit of sympathy. But don't speak a word or I'll get in trouble and probably killed." I nodded and took a bite of bacon.

"Here you are. Thank you very much for your sympathy." My mother thanked as she handed him a plate.

"Thank you for the breakfast." A small smile quickly formed but vanished.

"Why isn't she omega anymore?" Genuinely curious, cause if she was I'd not be here.

"When she had me, Alpha saw something in me. My guard aura." He emphasized, I nodded and ate some more.

"This is delicious..." He raised a brow at my mom, waiting for a name. She fumbled, viscously and frantically chomping the food in her mouth.

"Courtney." She breathed breathlessly, her cheeks lighting up. His lips grinned as he took a sip of milk.

"Gorgeous name." He winked at her, I felt myself gag.

" your mate a guard as well?" He looked over at me as I spoke, but after I had spoken his face fell.

"She was killed. She was a beautiful warrior." My heart ached and I could see the pain on both his and my mother's face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! My mate died as well so I know how you feel." My face fell at the mentioning of dad, looking down.

"I'm Zane." I look up and watch their hands clap together, her skin olive, his a tan white.

"Pleased to meet you." Her voice held something knew, a spark of something.

Are they.......flirting?

A huge smile smacks it's way onto my face, my insides feeling giddy.

"Thank you for the morning meal, but we should be going now." My mom stood and grabbed our plates as we stood.

"Alright!" She came dashing out the kitchen and opened the door for Zane, he grinned wildly. She held the door for me too, and I gave her that look.

You know what look I'm talking about.

Like when your crush walks in the room and your friend knows and she gives you THAT look.

Her cheeks lit up as she followed behind me, it's weird to see her blush. My face hit something hard and I looked up at Zane with a smile, about to apologize. He grabbed me roughly, making me yelp. My mom's eyes widen as he threw me in the back seat. He turned for my mom, fear in eyes and anger in mine. He grabbed her a bit nicer and placed her in the back seat, slamming the door he hopped in the front seat.

"What the hell!" I scream as he shuts his door, he leans over the seats with an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry. In public, I have to act like your omega's." I nodded and sat back, mom's mouth forms an 'o'. We started to drive down the road, going to some sort of store. Stopping in front of the building I read the cheesy title of it. "Dresses for the Best's" I cringed and popped the door open. Since this is human territory we don't have to worry about wolves seeing us so he didn't have to treat us like crap. I push the door open and cringe away from the horrible smell.

"Welcome welcome! I'm Lori!" I ignored her and went to the right, looking at the casual yet stylish dresses.

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