As I lay in the bed that Edward and I shared together I began thinking about the days to come. Certainly there would be many more but what would become of them?

Several of the worries that I had these past few days were gone.

I knew that Renesmee would stop growing in five years time and we wouldn't need to worry about her growing old and eventually dying. She would live forever, along side her father and I, with the family. I would be able to watch her grow up, go to school, get married.

My mind trailed off. I didn't want to think about that right now, especially knowing that my best friend -Jacob - imprinted on her. That meant in the future if things kept as they were I would become the mother in law to my best friend.

I scoffed silently to myself.

Alice and Jasper were back with us. After fearing that they would be forever gone, they were back. The thought I had when I feared we had lost them caused my frozen heart to sink. It was a aweful feeling to experience.

Tomorrow... well today I wanted to take Renesmee to visit my father again.

To think just months ago I feared I would never get to see him again. I shook my head to rid the thought and unexpectedly gained Edwards attention.

"What is it?" Edward asked as he propped himself up with his arm.

I grabbed the blanket and pulled it to myself as I rose into a sitting position. "I was just trying to figure out the rest of eternity." I explained. "What do we do? What do we expect?"

Edward sat up, his back leaning against the headboard, and pulled me into his arms. He held me tightly, my body tingling as I felt his breath on the nape of my neck.

Focus Bella, I thought to myself.

"That's it, don't expect a thing." Edward turned my face towards his and kissed me gently on the lips. "We have all of eternity and our worries are far behind us."

I took several -unneeded- deep breaths to try and clear my head of its cloudiness. Unsuccesful against Edwards sweet breath in my face I rose to my feet and began pacing.

I needed to think.

Happiness. Of course I wanted it but it just seemed after all we went through that it came too easily. Especially after the recent events.

"The Volturi-" I began, trying to find a way to explain myself.

Edward, who had been with me during both encounters with the Volturi understood from those two words.

The Volturi.

Raising to his feet he pulled me into his arms and held me. "Bella, love, the Volturi are gone."

I broke his embrace and turned around to face him. "They are gone for now, but they will be back. I just know it." I said, my words strong.

If they came back I was prepared to fight. I would round up every vampire I knew and have them do the same and we would stand and fight together. A world without the Volturi gave me more security when it came to living happily ever after.

I would do whatever needed to be done in order to protect my family. I closed my eyes and zoned in on the sound of my daughter sleeping. Just being able to hear her beating heart was the most valuable thing I had. I wanted her to never have to be afraid and I was prepared to lose everything in order to ensure that.

Edward laced his fingers through mine and brought my hand to his lips. As if an electrical current ran through me I was bound. He had my attention.

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