Chapter Twenty-four: A pillow fort.

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Chapter Twenty-four: A pillow fort.

Monday Night, 9:35 pm.

THE library looked like it did every other day, books everywhere and quotes stuck around the walls.

The only thing that was different was the lounge area for the staff, a room Lydia never saw much, but always wished she'd go someday. She never thought today would be that day.

The couch was covered in blankets, creating a fort in front of the television. Cara had set this whole place up, with the help of her father, who was more than happy to help her set up a date for his favourite employee.

"My favourite genre is science fiction," George spoke, rubbing his thumb in a circular motion on the back of her palm.

He never told anyone about that except Chris, all his other friends think he is too busy with sports to have time with books and movies. But now he was telling her, hoping she wouldn't run out of here.

"So, we're watching the maze runner then."

Lydia smiled, sitting down in the fort pulling him down beside her. What he didn't know was that her favourite genre was science fiction too.

He shook his head as he heard the light snore come out of the blue eyed girl's mouth. She had fallen asleep during the movie, the climax to be exact.

"You are a mystery that I'd love to solve Lydia Jackson."


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