Lots Of Juiciness in Here!

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Shadow: SHUT UP! 

Everyone: 0.0' 

Baha: Hello, Everyone! We have truth or dares and some other people will be joining us later, but sorry for the 2 who requested an oc. For this chapter it's just us. So let's get started with r4151n truth and dares. 

Rouge: Ok, hon. Truth for Baha-ooooh, Have you considered joining the Chaotix just so you could spend more time with Espio?

Espio: o.o' *turns invisible and smiles*

Charmy: Espio and Baha sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-

Baha: CHARMY! Well, I would love to spend time with Espio, but his team is apart of the Sonic Team so really we'd be by each other either way. NEXT! Truth for Cream: Has your mom ever let you stay up past your bedtime?

Cream: YES! Since I am very well-behaved, momma treats me well with privileges.

Amy: Seriously! Anyway, next! Oh for me! Truth for Amy: What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done? Well, that's easy Chasing Sonic was a complete embarrassment and it just showed how obsessed I was back then. *shudder*

Sonic: WHAT! :C

Girls: You Said It!

Boys: OHHH! Sonic you got told!

Sonic: Shut Up!

Baha: Anyway moving on... Truth for Tikal: Have you considered working part time at a chao garden?

Tikal: Actually, Yes. It would be a great experience and looking at all the adorableness! Lets move on, Truth for Rouge: What have you stolen lately?

Rouge: Eh. Few Gems, Baha's Crystal bracelet, and the Master Emerald when Knuckie here was asleep.

Baha & Knuckles: YOU WHAT!

Rouge: I'm joking. Jeez, Truth for Blaze: How do you like your fish cooked?

Blaze: Well, I like it grilled.

Baha/Shadow: BLEH!


Baha: Erase it from your minds! Dare for Sonic: Kiss Amy on the cheek. YAAAAAAS! SONAMY!

Girls: smirking at Amy

Boys: Smirking at Sonic

Sonic: *blushes* Fine. *kisses ames Cheek*

Amy: *BLUSH*

Baha: *faints*

Everyone: ooook...

Shadow: I'll get her awake in a moment, Dare for Tails: Kiss Cream on the cheek

Taiream: *blush* Tail's kisses Cream's cheek

Girls: *faint* Baha: OMG

Boys: *wakes girls up*

Tails: Ok now we have, Dare for Knuckles: Kiss Tikal on the cheek

Knuckles: Ok. We are related somehow. *kisses Tikal's Cheek*

Rouge: grrrrrr...Dare for Shadow: Kiss Rouge on the cheek

Shadow: Remember were colleagues, *kisses Rouge cheek*, Dare for Silver: Kiss Blaze on the cheek

Silvaze: BLUSH!

Everyone (except grumpy pants): YES!

Baha: Silvy and Blazie sitting in a tree! kissing each other's cheek!

Silvaze: BAHA! *silver kisses Blaze's cheek*

Silver: *looks at next dare and smirks* Oh Baha here's a dare you will like!

Baha: REALLY ^.^

Silver: Yes, Dare for Espio: Kiss Baha on the cheek

Espiaha: WHAT!


Girls: Smirking at Baha

Boys: Go for it Espio!


Baha: *shoots red-violet rays at them* 

Vector/Charmy: OWWWW!

Everyone: O.O" What the....

Baha: *sweatdrop* Uh, sorry. Let's get this over with Espio.

Espio: Yeah... *kisses Baha's cheek*

Baha: *smiles* (she has never blush) Anyway Last but not least the last dare!

Knuckles: From AZtwins: I dare Sonic to scream "I ain't got no sleep cause of y'all, y'all never gonna sleep cause of me!" At night while banging pans! nooooo...

Shadow: I will accidentally-on-purpose will kill you Faker.

Silvaze: Why me....


Taiream: C'mon! 

Team Chaotix: Bye! *leaves*


Everyone: *looks at her like a weirdo* 

Sonic: I wont do it! Jeez... *crosses fingers*

Everyone: oh, good! 

Later That Night...

Sonic: "I ain't (BANG) got no sleep (BANG) cause of y'all, (BANG) y'all never gonna (BANG)sleep because of me! (BANG! BANG!) "I ain't got no sleep cause of y'all, y'all never gonna sleep cause of me!" (BANG!BANG!BANG!)

Taiream: Ugh...

Amy/Tikal: What the fuck! Ugh...

Knuxouge: SHUT IT!

Silvaze: Why....

Shadow: FAKER! 

Sonic: Oh my Chili Dog! *LAUGHS*


Baha: *hears Bangs and wakes up!* HE DID THE DARE! *grabs Hijab and puts it on* He is gonna get his ass whooped! Seriously it's 3am like C'mon! *runs down stairs and yells* SONIC THE MOTHERFUCKING HEDGEHOG! ITS FUCKING 3 IN THE MORNING AND I WAKE UP TO THIS! SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT SLEEP AND NOT A HYPERACTIVE HEDGEHOG BANGING PANS TO SOME PHRASE! GROW! UP! 

Everyone: O.O""" OH SHIT! 

Baha: ok everyone that's it for today, In the next chapter I will put the requested oc's in. But right now some hedgehog is getting his ass beat! 

Everyone: BYE!

Sonic: HELP!

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