Chapter 4

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Christa And I Were Packing Up My Things To Take Back To Her Place, Since Mama Was Serious About Me Getting Out Of Her House .

"You Got A lot Of Shit" Christa Said, As She Stood Up From Sitting On The Floor, With Her Hands On Her Hips .

"Too Much Shit" I Agreed .

"So We Gone Start Looking For A Three Bedroom Apartment" Christa Said .

"For What?" I Asked, Making A Face, As I Continued Packing My Things Up .

"What You Mean, For What? It's You, Me, And Chris, Plus, You About To Have A Whole Baby-"

"Ok? And I Don't Plan On Staying With Y'all For That Long Either . I Was Gone Start Dancing Again So I Can Make Some Money . I Wanna Get My Own Place"

"Well Damn.."

"I Don't Mean It Like That, I Ju-"

"Are Y'all Almost Done?" Mama Asked, Cutting Me Off .

Christa And I Both Glanced At Her, Then At Eachother .

"Yes Ma'am . We Only Have A Couple Of More Boxes To Take To The Car-" Christa Said .

"Bryan!.. Bryan!!" Mama Yelled Down The Stairs .

"What?" He Said .

"Come Take These Boxes To The Car" She Said, As She Slowly Stepped Back From The Door Way, With Her Arms Crossed .

Soon Bryan Walked In The Room . He Glanced At Me, With A Fake Smile, Then Continued To Get The Box .

After He Took The Boxes Down To The Car, Christa And I Checked All Around The Room, Making Sure We Got Everything .

"I Hope I Got Everything, I Would Hate To Come Back" I Said .

"I Think You Do . I Don't See Anything Else" Christa Said, As She Continued Looking Around .

"Well Alright Then" I Said, Standing There, With My Hands On My Hip, Looking Around The Room .

Soon We Made Our Way Out To Our Cars .

"I'm Sorry Your Mama's Doing This.." Bryan Said, As We Hugged .

"It's Alright" I Said . My Voice Faded, As Tears Built Up In My Eyes .

"No It's Not . This Is Not Even Ok, But I Will Talk To Her About This, And You Moving Back-"

"Bryan It's Fine, I Promise . You Don't Even Have To Do That . Matter Of Fact, I Don't Even Want You Doing That . I Will Be Fine . I Have Money Saved Up, I'm Gonna Get A Job To Save Up Even More Money And I'm Gonna Get My Own Place"


"Bryan, I Said What I Said" I Said, Smiling, As I Got Into The Car .

Before Christa And I Made Our Way Back To Her Place, We Decided To Meet At McDonald's .

"So About This Babydaddy Situation, What's Going On With That? Is He Out Yet?" Christa Asked, As We Continued Eating Our Food .

I Shook My Head, Yes .

"Well That's Good . Have You Told Him Yet?"

"Yeah, I Told Him" I Said, As Christa's Eyes Lit Up In Excitement .

"What He Say? Is He Excited?"

I Stopped Eating, Sat Back In The Seat, And Looked The Other Way . She Could Already Tell By My Body Language, What I Was About To Say .

"Damn Maliyah, I'm So Sorry" She Said, As She Stopped Eating .

"Yeah, He Said He's Not Ready For A Kid Right Now So He's Not Gone Be In Our Lives" I Said, Causing Her To Make A Face, As Her Jaw Dropped And Eyes Widened .

"That Son Of A Bitch! You Wanna Get His Ass?" She Asked, Causing Me To Chuckle .

"It's Alright, He Ain't Even Worth It" I Said .

"You Right, You Right . You're So Mature For Your Age, Compared To These Other Females . Hell, You Better Than Me"

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