Chapter 20

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The werewolf just stared at me. "A date?" I nodded. It was going to piss my vampires off to the max but it was going to be the easiest way. "That's right, Lucas. We're going to use your brother's competitiveness and grudge towards you, against him. Shouldn't be too hard. He's looking for a thrill? Let's dangled one in front of him he won't be able to resist; a woman you're interested in." His mouth dropped open, shocked. "Don't you believe he would find it tempting if he saw you out with me, acting like you're really interested? Don't you believe he would desire to take the ultimate revenge?" "But you're a vampire. It's not like you're a werewolf or even human." "All the more tempting for him, wouldn't you agree? If he actually believes you've found a woman you're interested in, especially a vampire, you don't think he would go for it?"

"Well, yeah, he would but wouldn't that put you in danger?" I laughed a little. "You're sweet." He got a small embarrassed smile on his face. "It will a little, yes, but I'll have you, Sebastian and likely a couple of other vampires around to help deal with the problem." He swallowed, feeling nervous. "Are there any social places that he frequents?" "Well there's 'The Den.' It's a local werewolf club that is a hub for supernatural creatures to hang out at, without fear of being discovered. It's top secret, out in the woods outside of Mysteryspell. You have to know someone and show proof of entry." "Don't other wolves have an issue with the rogue? Why exactly would he go there?" "It's considered 'pack business' so long as he doesn't start killing other werewolves. He's been sticking to the shadows, not really playing front scene. The Templars make the others nervous but not enough to get involved when we are expected to handle it."

"And have you actually tried to deal with it?" I asked. Sebastian rubbed my thigh gently in a reminder to take it easy. York answered, "We have. He was our best tracker and has evaded our attempts. He never lets us get close enough to really do anything. He's only let Lucas near him a few different times there at that hangout. This has been going on for months but it's only in the last week that he has started to murder women. Like Lucas said, he sticks to the shadows." "Alright then, I guess we better draw him out. Seb do you know the place?" He gave me a nod and smile. I turned back to Lucas saying, "Alright, we'll meet you there tomorrow night. What should I wear?" "What?!" "Well what would your brother like?" He thought for a moment and then looked me over. "Probably something similar to what you're wearing but a skirt instead of jeans." I nodded. Black corset and skirt it would be then.

We rose, a plan in place and York and Lucas walked us out. Drogo was leaning against the driver's door of his car, tracking us with his eyes. Peter was standing on the other side with the passenger side door open, leaning with one arm on the top of the car, the other on the open door; he also tracked our movements. We stopped at Sebastian's motorcycle and turned to them. "Seven alright for you, Lucas?" He swallowed, nervous and nodded. A smile spread across my red lips as I looked at him. He was tall and broad with black hair and eyes and seemed sweet. "No need to be nervous, Lucas. Most men like it when I bite," I winked at him. Lucas' nervousness increased a little.

Sebastian looked at his reaction and it struck him funny. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, laughing, while he watched Lucas' reaction. I looked up over my shoulder with an affectionate smile for Sebastian and gave his cheek a light pat before turning back around to Lucas. "Quit teasing him, Sasha," Sebastian said into my ear, looking at Lucas with an amused grin. Lucas started to smile back. "I wasn't." His smile dropped a little, making Sebastian laugh again, and Lucas really looked at me then. He studied me, deciding if he liked my flirtatious attitude or not. I intrigued him; there weren't a lot of vampires in Mysteryspell that were so comfortable around their kind. "Is it true that Sebastian first came across you on the racing scene?"

I gave him a smile and leaned back against Sebastian, nodding. "It was illegal street but yes. Of course it wasn't by accident on my end, but's that a different story." Sebastian laughed, "I was in Germany, studying the underground racing done by supernaturals; how their increased reaction times and senses affected the racing scene and flowed out into the culture of the area. Sasha here challenged me to a race." "And how did that lead to, you know?" This time it was my turn to laugh and rub Sebastian's neck as I answered, "I kicked his ass and then told him looser buys dinner. The rest is history." All the wolves laughed heartily and I even caught a few chuckles coming from the sports car behind us.

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