Chapter 6

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''what, you want us to suck on you again? We gotta hunt for our food yano'' Taehyung and Yoongi say.

''yup, and y/n, you're coming with us''


You walk alongside the seven men, enveloped inside a Taehyung borrowed oversized furcoat. ''y/n, wear this before I bite you''

''I don't need your stinky coat!'' you protest, as the members shower you with over protectiveness.

''just wear it man, you'll get a cold'' Yoongi says.

You pout and continue walking, waddling like a penguin. ''cute'' Hoseok mutters to himself, gently smiling.

''hyung, there's one up north'' Jungkook says, his senses and instincts sharp as ever. ''it'll appear any second now...'' They all wait intently, adjusting their bows and arrows. And it did, a few meters away the lonesome animal trodded along the path.

But immediately, as the animal came into your field of vision, something hit you.

A sudden wave of energy and ebullience hitting you with the intensity and ferocity of waves crashing against a shore, like bombs detonating onto a battlefield.

Exuberance fills the fibers of your body, adrenaline pumping through your blood like never before.

It felt similar...

Your reflexes and instincts fully equipped than any of them in that moment, you leap towards the deer, before the arrow is even shot. Taking hold of the animal without harming it, you fling it in front of you as the arrow shoots right in the stomach.

''what just happened-''

''where did y/n go- OH MY GOD''

A crazed laugh bubbles up your chest, eyes gleaming in feral amusement, as you dart around capturing a few more deers. Your body was moving on it's own...too fast for your mind to catch up. And you loved it.

Wild and free.

The seven men stood there, mouth agape with incredulity, watching you in complete and utter bewilderment.

''Am-am I dreaming?'' Jimin mumbles, rubbing his eyes. You fling off the fur coat since your body had increased in temperature, and you walk towards the boys, face smug in satisfaction.

''before you ask, I don't even know''

''holy shit-'' Jungkook breaths, watching you in awe.

''I usually do the hunting...'' Hoseok begins. ''...but today you've captured my hearteu!''

''hey, I'm the pun maker round here!'' Jin interrupts, as you feel Taehyung's gaze burning onto the side of your face.

''what?'' you pique out, glaring. He shrugs, and for the first time flashes you one of his genuine, sincere smiles, his lips forming a box-shaped grin. You're caught off guard, and you blush slightly, looking away. ''you're seriously so cool'' he grins.

''yeah...I was wrong about you y/n...'' Yoongi eyes you carefully. ''looks like you have sweg after all''

You're taken aback by their compliments, and although you don't show it, you're secretly gassed.

And the more time you spent with them, the more you realized maybe they weren't so bad after all. You showed them the place you randomly woke up without being able to recall any type of memory, and they told you the lives and hardships of being vampires.

''you know I like iron man?'' Jungkook tells you, as the eight of you walk through the trees carrying deers.

''what the hell is iron man?''

''how can you NOT know what iron man is?'' he asks incredulously, as you shrug. ''I have iron man socks, t-shirts, a phone case and even iron man boxers'' he exclaims, beaming. ''wanna see?''

You cough exaggeratedly ''uhm nO THANK YOU''

''it's big'' Jimin comments in approval, earning a slap from Jin.

When you finally reach home, the boys slump the deers onto the floor and go inside to clean up. You look back one last time into the woods, and follow them inside. You fiddle with your fingers nervously, feeling awkward.

They climb up the stairs, and you having nothing to do, follow them too. Taehyung, who's in front of you, pauses at the top of the stairs and tilts his head sideways. You stop abruptly, almost colliding into his back. ''What?'' you ask.

''ooooh lala Y/N~! You want to watch us change, don't you?'' he wriggles his eyebrows. ''you've been following us the moment you stepped in''

''h-huh? I was going to my room'' you lie.

''Bull shitttt. You don't even have a room yet'' he laughs, stretching. Then without warning, he suddenly flings off his top leaving him shirtless. You gasp, retreating back to the stairs with a hand over your eyes.

''what the--'' before you can finish, his top is thrown at your face.

''wash it'' he demands, walking off while doing a thumbs up in the air. But before he disappears into his room, you notice something.

On his bare back, three claw marks dug deeply into his skin.

It looked like the cuts were not years old but not recent either. You only get a glimpse before he goes into his room, but the image flashes in your mind as your curiosity gets the better of you.

How did it happen...?

And as the time of sunset nears, the members nourish themselves with deer blood to prepare for the night.

A/N: What do you think Y/N truly is? A human? A fox? A fish?

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