Chapter 101: Tamie's Powers

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"Virgo Style, Tamer Art, Beast Mode - Green Ray of Primal Nature!" Tiger shot a massive green nature ray out of the Dragon Ox spirit's mouth, directed towards startled Sandy.

"Pisces Style, Sneaker Art, Ninja Mode - Mist!" Sandy shouted and her Fox spirit dissipated into thick mist, surrounding Tiger, and then, she and the pets fused with her heard Sandy's voice: "Ocean Ray Shots!" out of the whole mist that covered them, light blue rays of the Water element emerged from different sides and began scratching and hitting the Dragon Ox spirit, which directly affected Tiger placed in its core.

"Ah!" Tiger screamed in pain, and then frowned: "Virgo Style, Tamer Art, Beast Mode - Water Absorption!" thick lianas grew on the skin of the Dragon Ox, absorbing all the water ray attacks of the mist, and then, it began absorbing the mist itself.

"Ah!" the friends could hear Sandy's cry as the mist disappeared through the lianas' pores and Sandy was pushed back out of the mist with her Fox spirit.

"Haha! Good job, guys!" Tiger grinned, talking with her animal companions that had fused with her, "Now let's finish this - Maximal Absorption!"

The lianas dashed at frightened Sandy and absorbed the whole Water Fox spirit of hers.

"No!" Sandy screamed and fell to the ground, her spirit vanished. She was slightly wounded, but she was fine - Tiger could never bring herself to seriously hurt her grandparents, and neither could they harm her.

After finishing the match with her grandmother, Tiger curiously turned towards the battlefield of her grandfather and Tamie, and got worried - grandfather was making Tamie's Tiger retreat more and more.

"Gale Shot! Tornado! Triple Typhoon!" Georg would cry out different incantations which Tamie, due to not yet having reached the Twelfth ring of her spirit, could hardly dodge.

"Air Shield! Wind Attack! Typhoon!" Tamie still didn't surrender and gave out her own incantations, trying to hit the Gale Dragon as much as she could, but it was of no use - one of the Dragon spirit's strongest elements was the Air, and now, when Georg indeed possessed an Air Dragon, and on its supreme level - the Gale Dragon - it was too hard to hit him with the same element of a weaker spirit.

"Double Typhoon!" cried Georg and his Gale Dragon swung his bird-like white wings, blowing Tamie off.

"Ah!" Tamie yelled and hit the opposite wall hard, falling down. Even her Tiger spirit vanished.

"No! Tamie!" Tiger got worried and wanted to charge in the fight to help her friend when she heard Tamie's coughing voice:

"No, do not... interfere..."

Tamie struggled and stood back on her feet, a deep frown covering her face. However, it didn't soothe Tiger: 

"What are you saying?! You're barely standing!" They didn't have time to lose. If she still wasn't ready to defeat her grandfather, then she should bear with it. There was no point in the senseless struggle! But Tamie furrowed her brows even deeper:

"I... have not used all of my strength yet..." she put her hands together, closing her eyes.

"Stop it, young girl," Georg too spoke from inside his Dragon spirit's core, "The way you are now, you are no match for me and neither for Marvin Wagner".

However, Tamie didn't even listen to them but instead continued concentrating, with her eyes closed. Suddenly, Blue Fire emerged around her.

"Huh?" Georg got astonished - how come she had a Fire element, and Blue Fire? He had never seen such a phenomenon before. No Fire sign possessed Blue Zen! It was an attribute of Water signs... And forget about that - how come an Air element user, a Libra, could use Fire?

However, the worst was still forward - three White Zen rings appeared around the girl, circled around her, and then vanished.

"Three rings in a row?!" both Tiger and Georg gasped in shock - it was really difficult to raise three rings in a row, or... was it even possible?!

They heard Tamie's voice, which was merged with a deep, manly, demonic whisper:

"Tiger Spirit, Ring Twelve - White Gale Tiger..."

Tiger gasped - that demonic whisper was way too familiar... It belonged to Kokujin D'Infernal, Tamie's muse! Then, a more terrible thing appeared before their eyes - a giant, Twelfth ring White Tiger, but no ordinary one - its eyes shone blue, it was covered with Blue Fire all over its body, and it snarled like an infernal beast.

 It belonged to Kokujin D'Infernal, Tamie's muse! Then, a more terrible thing appeared before their eyes - a giant, Twelfth ring White Tiger, but no ordinary one - its eyes shone blue, it was covered with Blue Fire all over its body, and it snarle...

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"What... is that?!" Georg uttered in a daze.

"Tamie's muse... has such immense powers?!" Tiger was no less astounded.

The White Tiger with Tamie in its core didn't stand idly for long - it soon growled and dashed at dumbfounded Georg, biting his Dragon's neck and sending Blue Fire in, making it roar in pain and vanish.

"Ah!" Georg fell down, defeated.

"Huh?" Tiger blinked in shock - she defeated her grandfather in a single hit?! But it didn't cause her to panic. Instead, she was filled with joy: "Hurrah! Great job, Tamie!"

The two friends - Tamie and Tiger - made their spirits vanish, and all of Tiger's four animals got separated from her, gaining back their animal forms. Only Getsuryuu took on his human form as it was more convenient in a building.

"Well, we defeated you!" Tiger grinned at her grandparents who kindly smiled and stood up. "Now will you let us pass?"

"Sure," Georg chuckled, "But before that," he took his silver-chained Silver Venus necklace off and put it on astonished Tamie's neck, "here is the trophy you deserve".

"Oh my, thank you so much!" Tamie sprang with joy - she was finally a Celestial Lady, the strongest Libra! She had achieved her dream... Her heart filled with deep warmth - it was all because of Kokujin.

"It is nothing, really," Georg gave her a smile back. "You just have a huge talent. But may I ask... what was that amazing Blue Fire energy just now?"

"It was my muse. He is a Leo, so he has a Fire element, and his Fire is of a different colour".

"Ah, a muse?!" Georg widened eyes, "Amazing... Not everyone is able to fuse with their muse's powers".

"But Tamie can. She's awesome!" Tiger stuck out her tongue. All of the friends laughed.

"Well then, go ahead. But be careful," Georg suddenly furrowed his brows, "Marvin Wagner is actually really strong, and even though my fellow Bearer, Mr. Edmund Jaeger, has taken away his Aquarius powers, he still holds much stronger energy..."

"The energy of Ketsuryuu, we know. That is why we two are going," Tamie exchanged glances with Tiger and Getsuryuu by her side. All of them had strict faces.

Thus, the friends bade goodbye to Tiger's grandparents and ran forward through the corridors.

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