The Beheading

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Deep in the warehouse,
we find piles of heads
pulled from Lego men,
Barbie dolls, and wooden
marionettes, in heaps
that surround a beheaded
man-sized statue reminiscent
of ancient Roman gods.

Buttercup and Phoebe
jump up on the shoulders
of the statue, curling into
a ball-and-head pose,
their cattails and paws
tucked beneath them.

"What is all this?"
I whisper, terrified.

Phoebe says,
"Lizardchildren learn
to decapitate hoomans
using dolls. So they
may be breeding here."

"Don't human kids
do this sometimes?"
Hooman #A asks.

"Psychopaths, maybe,"
I mutter.

Buttercup says,
"Or half hooman,
half lizardmen children..."


First draft: September 18
Word count: 100 (sans A/N)
Inspiration: Drabble prompt from flashfic , located here:

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