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Is this story part of the Paid Stories program?

Formerly called Stafford, Behind Office Doors joined the Paid Stories program on November 13th. After sharing my work online for free for the last 8 years, it feels like I'm getting that little bit closer to my dream of a career in writing, which is so exciting and rewarding for me.

Why did you decide to make this a Paid Story?

I've been writing for as long as I can remember – even at primary school I was creating stories! 8 years ago, I took the plunge and decided to start sharing my fiction online. My stories have always lived on Wattpad and have always been free, but recently more and more readers have been asking if there is any way for them to buy my books, as they want to show support financially, too. It's made me realise that maybe some people actually would be willing to pay for my writing!

When I was offered the opportunity to join the Paid Stories program, I thought long and hard about it. On the one hand, I know not everyone can afford to buy coins to read the story. On the other, it's always been my dream (ever since primary school!) to become a full-time writer and this opportunity is a step towards that.

How do I buy this story?

To access the locked chapters, you'll need to use Coins. These Coins can be used to unlock chapters one at a time or, alternatively, to unlock the whole book in one go for a discounted rate.

You can buy Coins through the Wattpad app. Go to your profile and click on the Coin wallet, where you'll see your current balance and can purchase Coin packages. When you've chosen a package, you just enter your App Store or Play Store password and the cost will then be charged to your account. 

What if I can't afford to buy this story?

Of course I appreciate that not everyone has the means to pay for the story and, in that case, I have 5 other completed stories on my profile that are available to read for free.

If you're specifically after a sexy office romance, then I'd recommend Office Affairs. Behind Office Doors is actually a spin-off from Office Affairs, so it's a similar vibe!

If this is a spin-off, should I read Office Affairs first?

There is some minor crossover between characters, but both books have different plots so you don't need to read Office Affairs to understand this one. That being said, this takes place a couple of years later, so you will find out Office Affairs spoilers.

Whose POV will this story be told in?

It will alternate between Imogen and Jason. There will also be snippets of their time together in Greece,written in third person.

Who is the cast?

You're welcome to imagine whoever you like, but this is who I visualise:

Stafford: Alex Prange

Imogen: Maddie Hasson

Ian: Jordan Johnson-Hinds

Maya: Shraddha Kapoor

What can I expect from this story?

The pressures of a new job alongside the turmoil of wanting someone you can't have. Steamy scenes, troubled characters and strong friendships, with some deceit, passion and romance thrown into the mix.

How do you pronounce Imogen's name?

Imm-uh-jin / Imm-uh-juhn

You can also find me on the below social media for sneak peeks, giveaway competitions and updates:

You can also find me on the below social media for sneak peeks, giveaway competitions and updates:

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Thank you for reading, and I really hope you enjoy the story!

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