Kissing dare #2

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.........*slowly dies a little more inside*

Loxo: BAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *rolls on the ground laughing*

Bishop: Karma...

Fck you guys....

Lemondrop: *blushing intensely* D-do we have to do that d-dare? Is it a m-must?

Voodoo: *still a little traumatized* If I had's only fair if you do too...

Silence: I kinda feel bad for her..

And what about me?

Silence: You're a stone cold hearted alpha, you can deal with it

You're right. I am one. Which is why I'm gonna take your stuffed animal and box away from you and burn it along with Jeff.

Silence: Do it... I can easily replace them..

But you can't easily replace your win-


Lemondrop: Darkstar, why must you dare us such thing?!


Dusk: *wondering why he is even here*                                                                   
Silence: *shoves Bloody toward Lemondrop* Now kiss

*growls* Don't touch me! Hmf...

Loxo: *secretly has his camera out*

Bishop: Just get it over with already.. 

Dusk: *whispers to Bloody* If you do the dare then I will make you a cake.

Lemondrop: *nervously looks everywhere except Bloody*

*sighs* Dark I will forever hold this grudge on you. *lifts Lemondrops chin to face them and gives her a quick and swift kiss on the lips*

Lemondrop: .... *Lemondrop.ex has stopped working*

Loxo: *click* YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

Voodoo: ...Yaaayy....

Bishop: *looks at Lemondrop* Oh arceus not again...       
Dusk: Again?   

Bishop: Long story... 

*wiping their mouth with their paw with slightly red tinted cheeks* I hate all of you... *shakes head* Okay now where's my cake?

Dusk: *gives Bloody their well deserved cake* Enjoy

*starts munching away* I will

Bishop: Well today has been eventful so far...

Voodoo&Bloody: Ya think?

Loxo: *waving their paw in front of Lemondrop* Lemondrooooop!!! Hellooooo!!!!!

Silence: *sighs and googles "How to fix Lemondrop"*         
Dusk: Well that's all for now. Leave some asks or dares in the comments. The crazier or funnier, the better.. Buh-bye, Until next time! 

*licking the frosting off the side of their cheek* Tally-ho

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