Chapter 72: Could It Be That I Really Have To Consider An Yize?

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Lu Chenghe never appeared again afterward, so Su Jian slowly relaxed.

No matter what, he would never want a suitor like this. At this moment, he suddenly felt fortunate that he had married An Yize. If he wasn’t married, wouldn’t many more male suitors be approaching because of sister Su’s face and figure?

Staying in the room alone at night, Su Jian contentedly browsed the internet on his computer. Just as he was feeling bored, he saw someone on the page mentioning a forum he used to visit in the past.

Su Jian became slightly excited. Speaking of which, I haven’t gone to this forum which is essential to a man ever since I became a woman!

After finding the forum and browsing through, Su Jian queued up behind a large number of hungry man and left a comment, “The good host will have a peaceful life.”

The downloading speed was pretty fast. After a while, the video had finished downloading. Su Jian put on his earpiece and looked around carefully. After confirming that it was safe, he played the video with excitement. The last time he had watched a video, it had left a deep shadow in him. He had no recollection of what had happened in the video, and he also had an unbearable memory afterward! And now, he finally found the advantage of having a room to himself. At least he could watch it with ease, and he wouldn’t have to be worried about “mixing about” with An Yize again.

However, he soon felt depressed. He realized that the images which used to excite him in the past don’t seem to excite him as much now. Of course, he still liked the female actors’ body, and he felt moved when they “harmonised.” However, why the hell was he recalling the actions between An Yize and himself on that certain night!

The expression of Su Jian in front of the computer screen was quite distorted.

Unable to continue watching the hardworking male actors and hot female actors, Su Jian skipped forward in the video. Fortunately, the later performance of the two female actors didn’t make him recall his unbearable memories as much.

The two female actors on the screen had excellent faces and bodies, very pleasing to one’s eyes. Su Jian watched in interest at first, but he soon started feeling depressed. In the past, there were times where he had seen such videos showing the interactions between two woman. Back then, he felt very excited while watching it. Now that he had become a woman himself, he still felt interested in watching it, but he can no longer feel excited. Speaking truthfully, he had what the girls have now. As for what the girls do to each other…

Su Jian suddenly thought of a question: If he really had to find a woman to live with in the future, isn’t this be the image he should expect?

Su Jian furrowed his brows. He switched off his laptop with a troubled face and laid onto the bed.

With his hands acting as the pillow and his leg crossed, Su Jian finally started seriously thinking about his future married life.

Based on instinct, he would naturally still think of girls first. He would want to find a girl he likes, and the two of them can be together…

However, he is now a woman. Forget mentioning whether the girl he likes would accept him or not. Even though there are women who like other women in this world, would other people accept them? For example, sister Su’s family or even his own family?

Mother Su’s health isn’t great; she can’t take such a shock. Although he hadn’t thought of when he would tell his parents about his rebirth, he would have to get close to them eventually. His parents have always wanted to have a grandchild. If his conservative parents see that he had become a woman, would they force him to find a man?

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