Chapter 71: The Man Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life

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Chapter 71: The Man Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life Will Only Be My Husband And No One Else

Lu Chenghe wasn’t prepared, so he was beaten without any time to react. After he realized what was going on, he raised his hands to block the punches and looked less pathetic. However, although his body couldn’t be considered weak, he was helpless against the tall and large Ling Si. To add on, Ling Si was still at the age of a hot-blooded and reckless youth. Seeing that the person he liked was being bullied, Ling Si’s eyes were red. As for Lu Chenghe who received numerous hits, he still wanted to beat up the person above him. Therefore, Lu Chenghe tried his best to block, but he was still suppressed by Ling Si’s bull-like tenacity.

Over on the sidelines, Su Jian was silently rooting for Ling Si. However, he acted like he was trying to stop them from fighting. “Hey, Ling Si, stop fighting! Stop your actions! Listen to me! If you fight, you’re not a good child!” Although his words were full of justice, his actions were too ladylike. He didn’t even try to pull them apart, just pretending to be anxious at where he was standing.

When Su Jian felt that he had watched enough, he finally went up to hold Ling Si back. “Ling Si, stop! Listen to me! Stop fighting!”

Ling Si had received a number of hits too. Fortunately, his face was free of injury. He turned around as he panted, looking at Su Jian with red eyes. “Teacher, he’s bullying you!” In his heart, Su Jian was a married person. However, she was being pressed down by an unknown man and being forced to kiss. The thought that it may be Su Jian who was the one having an affair didn’t come to his mind. His first thought was: An evil person is bullying his teacher! Therefore, blood rushed to his head as he immediately sprinted over!

Su Jian replied, “En, thank you. Are you hurt?” After he finished speaking, he took a careful look at Ling Si. No matter what, he had made use of Ling Si to vent his anger on Lu Chenghe. Ling Si was his student. If Ling Si was injured, he would feel very guilty.

A blush quickly spread on Ling Si’s face. The large man who was as fierce as a leopard just a moment ago became shy immediately. “No, I’m not. Teacher, I’m fine!”

Su Jian replied, “Really? Don’t lie to me.”

Ling Si looked at him with a red face, his eyes shining brightly. “No, I’m not lying to you.”

Su Jian finally relaxed. Turning around, Su Jian saw Lu Chenghe whose face had a bruise and laughed internally. However, he appeared concerned on the surface. “Mr. Lu, are you alright?”

Lu Chenghe’s face was gloomy and he didn’t reply.

Su Jian face looked apologetic. “I’m sorry, my student was immature. However, it was because he thought that I was being bullied, that’s why he…… Because he is still young, he is more impulsive and reckless. Mr. Lu is broadminded, can you forgive him?” After saying so, he grabbed Ling Si’s arm. “Quick, apologize to Mr. Lu immediately.”

Remembering the scene that this man had wanted to kiss Su Jian where he pressed Su Jian on the wall, Ling Si’s eyes were filled with stubbornness and had no desire to apologize. However, when he turned around and saw Su Jian looking at him sadly, he could only say stiffly, “I’m sorry!”

Seeing that Lu Chenghe was still not speaking, Su Jian voiced, “Mr. Lu?”

Lu Chenghe finally said in a deep voice, “I won’t be calculative with a little boy. Jian Jian, how about you accompany me to the hospital to take a look?”

Isn’t it just a simple fight, do you really need to go to the hospital? However, it was Ling Si who made the first move. If he didn’t want to get Ling Si involved, he can’t reject Lu Chenghe for now. Thus, he nodded his head and said, “Alright.”

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