Chapter 70: How Did Lu Chenghe Know That His Marriage With An Yize Was Fake?

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In the party hall, everyone was dressed gorgeously and wine flowed freely.

Ji Yan was wearing an elegant black dress and held Li Mingyi’s arm, weaving through the crowd in the banquet. Her attitude was dignified and she had an appropriate smile on her face, looking gentle and elegant.

Halfway through the banquet, Li Mingyi was pulled aside by some businessmen for a discussion. Therefore, she had to retreat. She walked elegantly through the crowd and arrived at the restroom.

She was reapplying her makeup when another person appeared in the mirror. Ji Yan’s hands paused, then she turned around with a warm and elegant smile. “Feifei.”

The only miss of the Li family, Li Feifei, glanced at her disapprovingly and said impolitely, “My second brother has always liked young and beautiful woman. What’s the point of putting on such a thick makeup when you’re already so old? Did you think that my second brother would still like a hag like you who is over thirty years old?”

Ji Yan didn’t get angry and only replied with a smile. “Feifei, I know that you have something against me. However, we will be a family in the future. We will have to ultimately get along .”

“A family? Who’ll be a family with you?” Li Feifei didn’t bother hiding her disdain. “Did you really think that you can marry yourself into the Li family with your status? Don’t think that you are a miss of the Ji family just because of your surname. Xinya is the only miss of the Ji family!”

Ji Yan smiled and said, “Feifei, I know you are good friends with Xinya. However, I think you are misunderstanding something…”

“Misunderstanding?” Li Feifei was a straightforward person. When she heard Ji Yan’s words, she said in anger, “You knew that Xinya liked my second brother, yet you purposely seduced my second brother. You did something so shameless and you said that I have misunderstood you?”

Ji Yan replied, “Love cannot be forced by anyone. Feifei, you are Mingyi’s sister and you understand him. If he really didn’t like me, how can I force him?” Pausing for a moment, she added, “It’s just like you and Mr. Lu. If he didn’t have feelings for you, he probably wouldn’t look at you that way.”

Li Feifei stiffened. With anger gradually being seen on her face, she asked as a trace of light appeared in her eyes. “Chenghe? In what way does he look at me?”

Ji Yan replied warmly, “Feifei, didn’t you realize that the way Mr. Lu looks at you is very warm and gentle? If a man looks at a woman this way, he must have that person in his heart. Since you like Mr. Lu, I think that you would probably understand me and Mingyi. Love cannot be forced, neither can you control it.”

Li Feifei gave her a “humph” and no longer spoke.

Ji Yan looked at her gentle and graceful back view as she left. Ji Yan’s lips held a warm and gentle smile. However, a trace of cold light flashed past her eyes.

Returning to the banquet hall, Ji Yan saw that Li Mingyi was still surrounded by people. Thus, she didn’t go over but instead exchanged greetings elegantly with a few male guests who specially came up to her to strike a conversation. When she looked up and saw Lu Chenghe who was walking towards a quiet area, her eyes followed him and she also headed towards that direction.

“Mr. Lu.”

At her greeting, Lu Chenghe who had been staring at Su Jian’s picture on his phone was shocked out of his trance. Looking up immediately, he saw Ji Yan standing limpidly by his side. He smiled and asked, “Miss Ji? Why are you here as well?”

Ji Yan brushed away a branch that had reached her cheeks and smiled. “I came out to take a breather just like Mr. Lu.” Her line of sight moved down naturally. “This is… Xiao Jian?”

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