A Buck

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Lately you had been bored. You didn't know what to do until you finally had an idea. It was stupid that it was the only thing you could think of.

You walked around until you found Bucky. He noticed you and smiled walking closer to you.

"Hey Bucky."

"Hey doll."

"Can I ask you a question?"


You couldn't help but giggle, "Do you... Do you have some... Bucks I could borrow?"

"Haha you're comedy gold." Bucky chucked rolling his eyes.

"I know." You smiled walking away.

After that you couldn't help but tell him that everytime would see him. He'd just laugh it off, and you'd both continue doing whatever it was that you were doing.

You were fixing to go out to go shopping when Bucky walked in front of you. You smiled picking up your bag. "Yeah..."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Uh-huh." You nodded.

"Do you have a(n) y/n?"

You looked to him in confusion. "Bucky... That's not a joke. My name makes that joke sad."

"Oh well that sucks cause I really need a(n) y/n." Bucky frowned.

"I'm confused." You looked to him wondering what he meant.

"Doll, your terribly oblivious. I said I need a(n) y/n. I like you. You sure are smart." Bucky laughed as he crossed his arms.

"Uh... Uhmm... You like me? Well... I like you too." You blushed biting the inside of your cheek.

"It's about time. Now that we both have each other, will you stop asking me if I have a Buck?"

"Yeah... I guess so. The joke is dead now. Sorry." You looked down wishing you could stop blushing.

"Yeah. Anyway can I tag along with you?"

You looked up and smiled, "I'd like that. I just need a Buck." You giggled.


"I know. I know. That's the last time. I promise." You winked at him before walking with him to the door.

"I have a real comedian." Bucky chuckled rolling his eyes.

I know that was short, but I hope you liked it regardless. Thanks Bucky's plums.

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