Chapter Twentysix

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2 months later

"GRACE WAKE UUUUP" my moms loud but sweet voice called from downstairs "COME ON YOU NEED TO BE READY ON TIME" she calls again
Today was the day of my aunts stepdaughters my stepcousins wedding. I forced my eyes open and stretched out my body 
"OKAAAAAAY" I loudly shouted back as stretching my body gave me a burst of energy. I pick up my phone and see a message from Taylor on my lockscreen along with another message from JJ talking about how Breaking Bad has to come back for another series which I highly dissaprove of if it does

To: Grace 
From: Taylor
Can't wait to see you today babe x

I smile at his sweet message and reply, continuing to text him back and forth as I begin to get ready for the big day.

I was ready by 11:10 leaving me 20minutes to take cute family pictures including Taylor who had just walked through the door. I wore a loose baby blue dress, it was flowy with thin straps and had blue flowery detail at the very top in a shade of blue faintly darker than the dress. My white heels had a small but tall enough heel with one strap going across the toe and one around the ankle, the colour fit perfectally with my dress and white clutch bag. I curled my hair and had light neutral makeup on to fit nicely with the summery day. 
"You look amazing" Taylor said having to take a moment to think of how to describe how I looked "Isn't it bad to try and outstage the bride?" he asked taking another look, his words making me blush 
"Thankyou, you always know the right things to say don't you" I played with his hand as it dangled at his side
"I only tell the truth" he said making me smile even more 
"Well you look extreeeemly handsome in that suit, Taylor Caniff in a suit, I never thought I'd see the day!" Taylor wore fitted grey pants with his white shirt tucked in and a light blue tie which matched perfectally with my dress and a pair of black shoes. His shirt fitted perfectally showing his torso in the best way possible. 
"I mean I was tempted to rock up in a dress and heels but I thought that would be a bit too much and the bride might get upset if I looked better than her" The thought of Taylor in heels and a dress made me laugh hysterically 
"Come on kids, stop giggling over there and come take some photos!"
"Oh wait, hold on, look....I got you something" Taylor said turning round to the kitchen table behind him and picking up two medium sized boxs
"Oh my gosh, what, you didn't need to get me anything?!" I begin blushing for no reason at all 
"I like to treat my beautiful girlfriend every once in a while...go on open them" he said passing me the boxs
"Oh my gosh Taylor, it's beautiful" I say opening the first box and seeing a silver bangle in the style of a cartier bracelete which is far to expensive, on the inside was ingraved "I'll love you always"
"It's not the cartier one but it's similar and I added my own touch to it" Taylor explained himself as if I would be dissapointed he didn't spend over $4,000 on a bracelet for me
"It's better than any other bracelet, I love it so much, thankyou" I say wrapping my arms around him tight and kissing him lightly
"You still have one more" he says pointing to the other box in my hands 
"Taylor, seriously I feel so bad I haven't got you anything?!" 
"Don't be stupid, I just wanted to treat you, now open it!"
I open the box and inside is a necklace with a small diamond pendant
"What the heck, how could you afford all this, this is amazing" I say picking it up out the box 
"Well my uncle has been letting me work at his garage and gave me a small advance, plus I had some money saved away" he says taking the necklace from me and putting it on around my neck
"Thankyou so much, I love them, I love you" I say kissing him and bringing him in close 
"I'm glad you like them" he says
"I love them"
"Grace, Taylor, come on get in some pictures!" my mom calls again
"Okay okay!" I call back to my demanding mother

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