Chapter 69: The One Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life

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Chapter 69: The One Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life Will Only Be Jian Jian And No One Else

Opening the door, the first thing An Yize saw was Ji Yan lying on the sofa. On the coffee table in front of the sofa there were wine bottles and a cabernet glass that still contained wine.

He had once lived in this place. Then, he had given Ji Yan the keys long ago for her convenience, and she had started living here. However, after she rejected his proposal, he felt hurt and moved out of this place, never coming back. Unexpectedly, Ji Yan came here.

When he had just reached home a little while earlier, he had received a call from Ji Yan, saying that they haven’t met for so long and why don’t they meet. He didn’t expect for her to set the meeting place here. Furthermore, An Yize felt that Ji Yan’s voice sounded slightly unusual over the call. He ultimately drove here with knit eyebrows.

Indeed, the moment he entered the door, he realized that Ji Yan was drunk. In fact, she might have drank quite a bit.

Ji Yan looked up in a daze when she heard the door open. “Xiao Ze, you came…”

An Yize walked over and sat beside her. He asked with furrowed brows, “Ah Yan, what happened?”

Ji Yan looked at him in a daze and smiled lightly. However, her voice was laced with an indescribable sadness, “Xiao Ze, would you still be concerned if something happened to me?”

An Yize replied, “We are friends. Of course I would be concerned.”

A sense of loss flashed past Ji Yan’s eyes. With a dejected face, she stretched her hand towards the wine glass.

An Yize blocked her hand and ordered with a deep voice, “Stop drinking.”

Ji Yan looked at him and gave a gentle smile. However, her eyes looked despondent. “Xiao Ze, you have grown up. You’re no longer willing to listen to me…”

An Yize didn’t reply, only saying calmly, “Ah Yan, you are drunk.”

“I’m not drunk…” Ji Yan smiled dejectedly, “If I could get drunk, that would be great. Then, I wouldn’t be so sad…”

An Yize was a silent for a moment before speaking warmly, “Did Li Mingyi mistreat you?”

Ji Yan looked at him. “What if I said yes? Xiao Ze, if he mistreated me, would you help me?”

An Yize furrowed his brows. “How can I help?”

Ji Yan’s face twisted with sadness. “He is with another woman… One day he says he wants to marry me, but the very next day, he is with another woman…”

This wasn’t the first time Ji Yan came to find him when Li Mingyi was having an affair. Initially, An Yize had been very angry and had tried to persuade Ji Yan to leave him. However, Ji Yan never gave up. After An Yize was hurt so many times, he became numb. Eventually, he stopped trying to convince her. He just stayed by Ji Yan’s side and looked at her feeling sad and hurt because of another man.

At this moment, when this cycle began to repeat again, An Yize no longer felt hurt except for the slight heaviness of his heart. However, he was keeping quiet just like before.

“When he said he wanted to marry me, I was extremely happy. In these past few years, there were many times I wore a wedding gown. However, none of them were real. I have always been waiting for the day when I can wear a wedding gown that belongs to me and be the most beautiful bride… My wish is actually very simple. I just want a loving husband and a happy family, with the two of us raising our children together…”

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