Thirteen: Meet The Family

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Chapter Thirteen : Meet The Family

I took a step back and looked him with widened eyes.

My tired blue eyes stared at his golden ones.

I couldn't believe it.

I tried to talk but nothing came out of my mouth. I was speechless.

Zayn reached out towards me.

"S-Skylar...I wanted to te-"

He stopped as I moved back. I had nothing to say to him.

His facial expression was cold but still held a worried expression as his brown eyes were visible now ,showing streaks of gold.

I pointed at him .

"You...You ruined my friendship" I said slowly.

The girl who was behind him watched me contently.

"I know but.." He started

"You..."I pulled up my shirt to reveal all the wounds that were there . "Done this to me ! " My voice held nothing but hatred.

Zayn frowned, clenching his fist.

"This was what I didnt want to happen" He spoke.

"Well it was going to happen anyway Zayn ! You ruined my friendship ! You scared me in my dreams, attacked my boyfriend , kidnap me and you do this to me ? Why ?! What do you want from me Zayn !?! What the hell do you want !?!" I shouted. I saved my energy to do this to Jaavad but I guess he was standing infront of me.

"Nothing" He yelled back.

"Then why am I here Zayn ?!! Is that even your real name ?"

"Enough !" He growled as a demonic sound came through his mouth. His golden eyes were glowing, showing no sight of brown. His nose was flared and he was breathing heavily.

I've never seen such anger before in my life.

The girl who was behind him was now in front. She placed her hand on his chest and hummed a foreign song.

I was about to tell her stop but this seemed to calm Zayn. He seemed to be in control as his bright golden eyes flickered back to brown. His breathing slowed down and his eyes looking around frantically as he spotted mine.

He stormed out of the room slamming the door hard.

The girl comes towards me as I take a step back. I threaten to hit her with a...

crumbled shirt

"Stay back" I spat as she looked at me confused "You...You demon !"

She arched her eyebrows before laughing.

"We're anything but demons" She said as she walked closer "Don't worry , I wont hurt you" She does something i dont expect her to do.

She hugged me.

I stood there, unsure what to do.

"I cant believe it's truly you" She whispered but I believe she was talking to herself.

She pulled away and smiled at me.

"Who are you ?" I tried not to sound rude but it took over. She just smiled brightly as my. Taking in all my features.

"I see Zayn hasn't mentioned me" She said through a giggle . "Im Melissa, their sister, but you can call me Mimi"


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