Chapter 68: Ji Yan Specially Called And An Yize Rushed Over Specially.

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Chapter 68: Ji Yan Specially Called And An Yize Rushed Over Specially. Who Knows What May Happen Between The Two Of Them?

When Su Jian woke up the next day, he realized that he was sleeping on his own bed and was a little confused about how he got there. However, he had a very good rest, so he felt quite energetic when he woke up. Looking at the bright sun outside, he couldn’t help but hug his blanket and roll around the bed.

However, his good mood didn’t last long. Because, mother An actually wanted him to go shopping with her!

It was currently the weekends, so Su Jian wasn’t against going out for shopping. However, it was another case to go with mother An. Su Jian thought in his heart: I think you should leave such a difficult task to your son! Thus, he tried his best to recommend An Yize instead. At the very least, he was going to drag An Yize along as well. However, he was informed that his husband had already left for the company.

It’s the weekends and he still had to work. Why is CMI so inhumane!

Su Jian silently cursed in his heart. He had no way to resist the queen’s edict. He could only aggrievedly follow mother An into the car and head to the mall.

“How do I look in this?” Mother An asked.

“It’s pretty!” replied Su Jian.

“Then, what about these clothes?” Mother An posed again.

“It’s also pretty!” Su Jian replied with a serious face.

“Really?” Mother An said doubtfully, “Why do I feel that you are being half-hearted?”

“Not at all!” Su Jian said with a face full of sincerity, “Actually, the clothes look average. However, when Mother wears it, other than ‘pretty’, I don’t know how else to describe them!”

Mother An was pleased and bought both sets. Su Jian silently wiped off his cold sweat.

Halfway through their shopping trip, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair met another pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. From the looks of it, mother An didn’t seem to want to see them. However, the other party came forward to greet them, so they couldn’t avoid talking to them. Su Jian sized up the two of them carefully. From looks alone, both of them seemed decent. Although the mother-in-law wasn’t young, she was dressed up gracefully. The daughter-in-law had a beautiful appearance and was dressed even more exquisitely. When the two of them stood together, they looked like a proper pair of old and young noble ladies.

After they exchanged greetings, the daughter-in-law looked at Su Jian suddenly and asked, “This must be the lady that the third young master married recently?”

With a gentle expression, Su Jian nodded his head politely.

The noble daughter-in-law pursed her lips and smiled. “Third young mistress is really…” As if she didn’t know what kind of descriptive words to use, she sized Su Jian up. After a long pause, she continued, “…Plain. When I was looking from afar, I thought that aunty brought her maid out to shop. I didn’t expect the third young master to actually like this type. As expected, his taste is sophisticated.”

Su Jian looked down silently at his sweater and jeans combination. He felt helpless due to being attacked even though he didn’t do anything.

“Shi Ru!” The noble mother-in-law knitted her brows slightly, her face full of disapproval. “How could you say that? Everyone has their own things that they love. Naturally, their taste and types would be different. Not everyone has great taste like my Shao Xuan!”

Su Jian: “……” Looks like An Yize is more unlucky. He didn’t even have to be here to be attacked!

“What are the two of you trying to say?” Mother An who had been keeping up a proud expression was angered. “Whether my daughter-in-law is good or not is not for you to judge!”

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