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•||Ch11: Dubai Trip or Honeymoon?||•

•||Ch11: Dubai Trip or Honeymoon?||•

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||Sania POV||

I was still trembling and tightened my grip on his arm. “The plane landed, Sania. Open your beautiful eyes and see I am saying truth,” He whispered softly in my ear. I slowly peek open my eyes and saw we were on land not in air. I breathed out in relief. I hated heights.

He kissed the back of my hand and said, “Jaana, Let's go.” He opened my seatbelt and we both walked out of the plane. He held me by waist as we walked. We both climbed in the car and I didn't waste my time to rest my head on his shoulder.

When we reached hotel, he went to the reception and said, “Room for Mr. Zain.” He, the receptionist, handed him keys of the room and said, “Happy honeymoon! I hope you both enjoyed your honeymoon here.” My mouth wide opened and cheeks turned into dark shade of red color.

Zain thanked him and pulled me with him in the elevator. My mouth still hang opened like a fool which he closed with his index finger and chuckled. I closed my mouth in embarrassment and glared at him. “What is this?” I asked him and tried to get angry at him which I couldn't.

He kissed my head and said, “Nothing.” I pushed him away when someone cleared their throat. We both failed to noticed the presence of other old looking couple. “How cute they are, aren't they?” Lady asked her husband with a smile. “Just like us. Remember we both looked like them when we both were young?” Her husband nodded his head.

“God bless both of you!” Lady said with a smile and stepped out of the elevator when it stopped. I smiled shyly and knew I was looking like a tomato. When the elevator moved, I glanced up at him who was smiling. Was it a Dubai trip or honeymoon? I was thinking and blushed more.

I followed him out of the elevator and saw him getting inside the room. I stopped on my track and asked, “Is it my room or yours?” He turned around and said with a sly smile, “Ours.” “What?” I semi-shouted at him. “Close your mouth before I close it with other ways,” He said with wink. I quickly closed my mouth and blushed.

He laughed and opened the suitcase and took his clothes out of it. “You want to take shower first?” He asked pointing at the washroom. “I am going to sleep first,” I said and on the name of sleep I yawned. He smiled and nodded his head at me.

When he went to washroom, I quickly laid on the bed and closed my eyes. In a second I was in my dreamland where Zain was also present.

I tried to move but felt something heavy on my waist. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Zain was sleeping beside me which made me screamed.

He quickly opened his eyes and sat on the bed with me and looked around the room all alarmed. When he didn't see anything in room then he looked down at me. I was practically on his lap. “Why did you scream?” He asked. “Why are you sleeping beside me?” I asked him as I pushed him and stood up on the floor.

“Why? A husband can't sleep with his wife?” He asked and one side of his mouth twitched up. I glared at him. “Besides you shouldn't had screamed what if our neighbors might get the wrong idea.” I gasped loudly and picked a pillow and aimed at him. Luckily he dodged it and chuckled at my red face.

“Do you know you slept like a horse,” I said and poked my tongue at him. He laughed and said, “Oh really and you slept like a cute little baby.” I picked the pillow and got on the bed. I hit him with pillow and said, “Don't. Call. Me. A. Baby.” “Sure baby.” I groaned and again hit him with pillow.

He snatched the pillow from my hand and threw it away. Then I noticed how closed we both were. I quickly moved him away and stood up. He phone was rang and he groaned when he looked at it. He picked the call and put it on speaker.

“Please don't tell me I called in between your romance.”

It was Mirha. I wanted to bang my head on the wall. She never missed a second to make fun of us.

“Maybe.” Zain smirked and looked at me.

What had gotten into him today. Maybe he hit his head somewhere which messed his mind. Now he was totally behaving like Mirha.

“Oops. Sorry. Bye then!”

She cut the call and Zain smirked widely. “Mirha was right.” I arched my eyebrow at him and asked, “About?” “Pulling your leg is really fun.” I gasped and threw pillow at him again. I stomped to the washroom and closed the door. I could hear him laughing loudly at me.


Zain was in meeting and I was in the hotel and getting ready. Zain told me to be ready at 7 and before I asked he went away. I changed into the dress which I guessed Zain it left on the table.

I was wearing my heels when the door of the room opened and Zain entered but stopped in his track

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I was wearing my heels when the door of the room opened and Zain entered but stopped in his track. “Beautiful!” He mumbled and looked up and down at me. I blushed looking at him.

He came near me and kissed my forehead. “Ready?” He asked and moved his hand forward for me. I put my hand in his and stood up.

I was excited and also nervous because I didn't know where he was taking me. “Where are we going?” I asked him when we reached near his car. He opened the door and said, “Sorry not gonna tell.” I jumped in the car with a pout which made him chuckled.

He started the his car and held my hand. I gasped and asked, “Don't tell me you are going to kill me then bury me where no one can find me?” He looked at me for a second with his wife eyes then look back at the road and laughed loudly.

“Seriously. What made you think that I will kill you? How can I kill my life?” I was stunned hearing the last line. “Huh?” “Tell me about your likes and dislikes,” He said changing the topic quickly.

We both talked all the way telling each other about our likes and dislikes well more like 20 questions game. But in the whole time slash game he didn't utter where was taking me.


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