A vampire took me

Justin's point of view:

I dug my teeth into her neck.

Drinking ever last drop from her body. I let her lifeless body drop to the ground.

The blood still dripping from my mouth as I walked back down the street. Not bothering doing anything with the body I just killed. I know I'll regret that later.

I continued down the street, the only light given off was coming from the moon. I smelt blood. I turned down the road to the right. My vampire speed getting the best of me. I was now on a bridge. A small girl sat with her back up against the railing of the bridge. Her knees pulled to her chest, her arm laid on her knee. A small object in her hand. Blood dripping from her wrist.

I was now standing in front of her. She jumped and looked up. Tears stained on her cheeks. The blood rushing from her arm. Her blood smelled lovely. "Why would you hurt yourself" I bent down so I was level. "Darling, don't you know better then to do something like this around this town" I said running the back of my hand down her soft cheek.

Her hair was a dark blonde. Her skin glowed in the moonlight. Green eyes glowing beautifully. Her eyes are so beautiful, a yellow/green color.

"Such a pretty face" I whispered.

"P-please, if your g-going to do s-something just do I-it" she stuttered out. Then closed her eyes. "Oh no baby, I'm not gonna hurt you, your coming with me" I said. I grabbed her hand and held in up. "Why do you have a bag of clothes?" I asked, pointing at the bag she held. She reached in her bag and pulled out a stuffed animal. "This is my teddy, his name is George" she said then continued "i ran a-away" she said tears still falling.

"I'm gonna make this feel better baby" I said and lifted her wrist closer to my mouth. Her eyes watching my every move closely. I held her wrist to my mouth and licked up all the blood. A moan coming from her lips.

Her blood was like a drug. I pulled away and looked at her. "You want me to heal those?" I asked her. "H-how?" She mumbled.

"By drinking my blood, it will heal your cuts" Her eyes grew bigger. She shook her head no. I chuckled. "Okay. Well time to go home" I said standing up, helping her up along with it. "Home?" She asked. "Your with me now, my home is yours. You like it or not? I don't care"

I smiled down at her, Her eyes were so easy to get lost in. "Baby girl, im not gonna hurt you" I said softly to her.I took her to my car and helped her in on the passenger side. I walked around and got it. Starting the car, I pulled out and headed home.

I looked over to see her fast asleep.

Once I pulled into the driveway of my home. I pulled out the key and got out. I walked over to her side and picked up her sleeping body.

I walked into the house and headed up the stairs. I turned the knob to my bedroom and walked in. I pulled down the covers and gently set her down on the king sized bed. I pulled the covers up to her chin and smiled at her. I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Hannah's point of view:

I opened my eyes from my much needed sleep. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I sat up and looked around. I just wanted to be out of here.I felt a presence. I looked over to the right corner of the room. My eyes landed on the vampire that took me. He was so good looking. Hair a nice light brown, beautiful brown eyes, pink lips. He brought a glass to his lips. A red substance inside. "I want my teddy" I said frowning.

He smiled at me. He stood up and walked closer to me, he held up my teddy. I brought my knees to my chest and held them there. Moving back on the bed. "Baby girl, calm down I won't hurt you" he said softly setting his glass down and taking a seat at the end of the bed. I wrapped my teddy in my arm.

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