Chapter 5

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"I came back to this Shop to see you,sky I don't think leaving and running away from the truth will help me.its you sky,it's you...I love you sky!"Ray says.

He grabs my hand,he looks down at them.

"I can accept you Sky,I don't care if your poor or rich I really don't when I saw you I was glued to you,you helped me out so sweetly and your eyes sky,ocean blue like the sky,sky.i wanted to know you better and I tryed to stop my self but sky....I've lost soo much and I just can't tell you! I will find a way to get money and then.."he looked soo happy.

He stopes talking and looks at me. The waiter arrives..

We take our our order,cheese pizza.

I couldn't believe what I heard...

"Wait sky,do you like me?"he says.

Should I tell him the truth?

If Taylor can have a GF,then why not me?

"No ray,I love you!"I smiled.

His whole expressions changed...

He seemed soo happy!

"I know we just met yesterday but I want to learn more about you!your family?your hobbies?your number.."he smiles.

I gave him my number and looked at him,he was wearing a blue shirt and black jeans,I was wearing my yellow dress.

I knew this wasn't the right idea,but if any girl saw him they would give him there number!

"Sky do you want to be my girl friend?"he asked.

I just told him I love him,docent he know the answer by now?

"Sure..tell me about your self your family."I asked him politely.

"Okey If you must know,my brother and my mom died today,they got shot!"he stares down at me.

"Ohh I'm so sorry!"I said.

The pizza came and it smelled great but I felt so bad for him!

" loved my brother! I love my mother too And sky I can't tell you anything's change the topic okey? Our first date shouldn't be us talking all sad."he try'd smiling.

"Well if you say so,I... umm..want to ask You something's that are personal to you and I hope you won't mind."I asked.

"Sure sure anything sky!"he says.

" many girlfriends did you have in your past,do you smoke or drink?and your not playing with me right?"I asked.

Because I can't tell you how attached I'm starting to feel to you!

"Your actually my first one,my parents and my family never letted me outside they hid me from everything! I Got so tierd of my poor life that I escaped yesterday night and today night too,actually I don't smoke or drink!cuz I hate it when my father does and he just starts to yell at my mother....and sky..I'm not playing with you,your my first love and only love oh and my last!"he smiled.

"Wow"I said.

Wow I escaped too! But from my rich life!

But wait!

Rich people live in this city!

Where does he live?

"And you? How many BF's have you had? I'm sure plenty huh? Your gorgeous!"he smiled.

"I've been locked up so your my first"I said.

Well first from MY choice.

We started eating the pizza.

"I can't come outside much in the mournings so I guess we can only meet at night."I said.

"Fine by me,as long as you call me and vist every night! I wish I could see you every mourning!"he says.

Pretty soon we were done eating pizza.

"By the way I'm not a poor girl,I just wanted to see if you were going to judge me..Ray?...let's go!"I smiled.

We walked on the empty streets in a park,it was dark but I was holding his hand.

He stopes and touches my shoulder.

"What time is it sky?"he asked.

"Um 2:45 AM...why?"I asked.

"Nothing I'm going to have to leave before 3:00 my father checks into my room at that time,we better get ready to split up."he said sadly.

He was soo handsome that I hated my life!

"Oh"I said.

His arms wrapped around my back and as he leans me closer to his face And our lips were about to touch too..when

I whisper to him.

"I'm sorry."I whisper..

His breath had a minty smell.

"It's ok."he smiles a little and just hugs me. His arms were tight around me.

I felt his warm body heat in the cold weather.

My family is drunk and there all probably laying there butts on the ground.

He combed my hair,long strokes.

I could probably stay like this for the whole night but then he let go.

"If you think it's too soon then ok...I don't mind at all,I really love you sky,your soo pretty and kind!"he smiles.

"Thanks I love you too."I say.

Is this what true love feels like?

"Well I'll call you tomorrow morning early! Bye"he says.

I leave the park and go home..

I want this love,a true love not a Fake love for money!

But I can't...

I just remember'd ...

My marriage is in 13 days with Taylor!

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