Chapter 4

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Authors note:
This is Kassie's POV whilst she escaped. ❤💗💕

Kassie's POV

I heard the sirens, it was the police. I knew if I was going to get out of this hell hole, it had to be now. This was possibly be the only chance I had to escape.

"PLEASE! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!! PLEASE!" I screamed for someone to help me until my throat was unable to muster another word. I later found out that the room was soundproof, but at the time I was completely unaware that I had no chance of escape.

I had to get out of these chains, but I had no clue how to. I scanned the room for the millionth time, but all I saw was pitch black except for a small crack under the door.

And then I saw my escape, glinting in the light from the door, I saw a key, tucked right in the far corner of the room. I could conveniently reach it. Surely Harry wouldn't make escape this easy? Unless it was a trap.

Then I noticed a small yellow sticky note attached to it. I tried to read it but my eyes couldn't see a thing. I moved towards the light and gasped at what I had found. The note was from another person. It read key for chains, get out of here, now. Amelia.

How had I not noticed this Before? STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! I couldn't belive It, I felt betrayed by my own eyesight. I could of gotten out of here ages ago! And then i noticed a black scribble on the other side of the note, and I turned it around, there was another message written on the back. It read:  if you are reading this. Do not trust Harry. Run. Do not let him trap you here forever. Tilly.

Who were these people? I felt even more afraid by their messages. The two notes went round my head like a really annoying song. Get out of here. Do not trust Harry. Run. It was really intimidating and I immediately wondered wether escaping was such an good idea after all, if he caught me, what would he do?

We're they people that Harry had kidnapped aswell? Harry wasn't that old, I doubt that he had kidnapped two other girls. They were probally ex-girlfriends and Harry got a bit abusive. But it didn't add up. My mind was frozen in pure confusion I'm who these two girls were.

I concluded that the best thing for me was to get out of her and research Harry's love life when I got out.

I didn't hesitate to use the key to unlock the things that been restraining me for days. Maybe even weeks. I had no idea on what day it was at all, for all I know, it could be Christmas. But all that mattered is that I had a chance. And boy, I was gonna take it.

If I could just quietly unlock myself and somehow open the door. If only they had left a key for the door here.

I managed to unlock myself without causing to much noise. I struggled to breath from the collar and I was tence, a mixture of excitement and fear was racing through my mind. This was it. I was finally going to get out of here.

I needed to open the door somehow, if only Amelia or Tilly had left me a key for the door, although it had to lock on the inside.

I took a deap Breath, realising that what I was about to do would attract as much attention as wearing red in a bull arena. I knew I only had one shot at this.

I kicked the door with as much strength as I could muster. A humongous hole was pierced through the material. I swore under my breath, knowing that I would of attracted Harry's attention. But maybe the police's attention as well, knowing that I couldn't stay here hoping the police would find me, I rammed my body into the door and it collapsed under my weight, along with myself.

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