12:\\ Tossing and Turning

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Was it sexual assault? Aaron Paul didn't consent to a kiss from Stacy, but he's a guy so it's okay right?

The thoughts swiveled in my mind. I'd watched and rewatched the security evidence countless times. I had nothing better to do considering it was my job, but then again, he didn't seem surprised by her kiss.

That wasn't even the most disturbing part. It was the fact that there was a struggle between him and Violet beforehand and she just gave in all of the sudden. I was completely confused.

Strange things were happening and with the return of Joseph Cooper after his parents were mangled in a wild animal attack on their camping trip, everything seemed out of order. Entropy had taken its place in the world and had absolutely obstructed the calm of Hill view High School.

Something was definitely going on and it was up to me to find out.

I stared at the surveillance recording for what was probably hours on end. I was studying their facial expressions, reading their lips, trying to figure out their words.

My eyes zoomed in on something I hadn't noticed there before. A small yellow light that could've passed as the reflection of the sun. Except it was radiating off of the areas where Aaron and Violet's skin met. It was strange and I'd never seen anything like that before. My mind had seen that as the suns reflection the entire time. The sun doesn't reflect on human skin.

Hi it's the author,

This is the shortest chapter in the entire book. Ernest isn't one of the main characters but his perspective is important! As his name suggests, he's got some honest views to tell! He might pop up another time or two in the remainder of the story, but for now, more chapters coming soon.

Thanks for reading.
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