Luckily he didn't have to work at it anymore as a small explosion force the door to open, letting the teenager know that his uncle was around.

"Kid if your gonna scream like a pansy in the morning then~"

Uncle Katsuki halted his sentence when he opened the door with Aunt Ochako next to him. Both adults were lost as as well. What they saw was a fit version of their nephew. Granted they both know that he wasn't exactly the into working out but it was a surprise nonetheless.

"M-Morning Uncle, Auntie." Izuku greeted awkwardly as he lean back in fright.

"Morning..." both adults greeted back.

" going to change. I will be down stairs in a bit." Izuku still shocked by his new discoveries. He ran past his guardians and went into his room, slamming the door.

Going through his clothes, searching for his uniform. It was smaller than before. Like he gain an extra five or six inches. Due to his new found muscle mass, putting on a tight uniform was unbelievably uncomfortable. He was surprise it had not even teared apart yet. So he decided to wear a oversized hoody that match the schools uniform. That same oversized hoodie was now a comfort fit for the boy. Searching for some dark blue sweats since his normal pants were hugging his thighs, gluts, and calves tightly. Once that was finished, the now-fit teen made his way down stairs.

Making his way down the stairs to meet his Uncle Katsuki, sitting on the couch with arms folded. He was looking back at him although he showed a bit of confusion in his expression.

"So how do you feel?" He asks as Ochako walks in sitting next to her husband.

"I...uh...feel great. I am lighter than I have ever been before." Izuku replied as he moved his limbs around and hopped a couple of times to see how his change was going.

"Well...that's good to hear. Considering you being bedridden for ten days." His aunt commented, which made Izuku puzzle himself at the situation.

"Ten... Days?"

Both adults nodded at their nephew. Izuku found himself choked on words. If felt like one night for him. That can't be true unless...

Izuku started to roll up his sleeves on his sweater to meet a small bruise that was close to fading on both of his arms. So it wasn't a dream. I did get bitten, but it doesn't make any sense! Why and how is my body reacting like this. Wait a sec~

"Mineta-San!" Izuku exclaimed aloud, surprising the adults.

"Listen I got to go. I will see you, bye!" Izuku rushes to get his stuff upstairs and returns to dash towards the front door, putting on his shoes.

Like a madman, Izuku sprinted to school but he could immediately feel a great change in his body. He would have being laboring for air after a couple of seconds. But he was breathing as if he was still just strolling about.

After several minutes of sprinting and really trying to comprehend the change in his biology. Izuku finally arrived at his middle school. With some sweats and a hoodie. He needed to buy the clothes store to get some more wears that actually fit his now different body.

Walking through the class, he noticed the looks of his classmates. Some surprised and others curious. He didn't pay them any more mind then he have too.

Opening the sliding door, he looked around but not for long. He found the person he was looking for.

At the distance, surrounded by other girls was Misaia Mineta. She too had undergone some form of change as well. Her body seemed bigger in a healthy way. Mineta had grown a couple of inches in height just like he did and the body did not hide it. She had grown so much more attractive to Izuku when he could have sworn she looked the same as the last time she was with him.

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