Big Change

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"Ugh." Izuku moaned at the embodiment of soreness that was his entire body. Slowly opening up his eyes to see the ceiling above him. Things were clearer. Don't get him wrong, nothing flawed with Izuku's eyes to the point glasses or contacts were required. It's just that his eyes were adjusting well and the brain was taking in more small textures such as tiny cracks and the left over stands of cob webs.

Blinking once.

Blinking twice.

His mind was to say the least calm and free. Just before he fell asleep, there was the sensation of numbness for everything except pain itself.

Feeling his mind was able to, Izuku sat up and placed his legs on the floor. Now sitting on the edge of the bed, he can feel things like the blankets and bed sheets. Temperature was present as well. He's body was free, calm, and light.

It was odd. Standing up from the bed. Izuku felt light, but he felt heavy. Not the bloated heavy from eating food, this added sensation of weight didn't seem to hinder his movements. Walking out of his room towards the bathroom, he can hear voices down stairs. Assuming that it's his uncle and aunt, Izuku continues towards the upstairs restroom.

Once inside, he opened the nob and turn on the lights. Doing his morning routine, grabbing the toothpaste and toothbrush. He made the process of putting some paste on the end of the brush.

The first few seconds of brushing was complete bliss. Izuku never felt so amazing. He even closed his eyes to feel the air and cold sink counter where his hands are placed.

Once after he finished brushing his teeth after a good two minutes. He had enough 'feeling' his surroundings. Rinsing off his mouth, he glanced at his stomach.

The once skinny-fat was now replaced by six-packs to heated-tone abdominals. This caused him to pause to stare at his newly found discovery.

"I...When? Why? What? H-How?"

Those questions weren't even answered but piled even more unsolved discoveries. Izuku looked up at directly at the mirror, instead of looking at his face he saw his body. It had undergone quite the transformation.

Where his small arms was once were, was now the present-tone biceps and durable triceps. The non-existent chest was now kicked out by the stone pectorals. The back, once hunched slightly was now standing tall with many different muscle groups making themselves present. The slightest movement made muscle appear more prominent.

This confused and frightened the teenage boy. He couldn't explain this sudden change. Until that is...he need to be sure. Rolling up his Pajamas, calves were strong and ready. Going up further, Izuku saw how his thighs had become lightning powerhouses.

And even yes, he felt a change in his Johnson, though it was a bit heavier than he remembered. Maybe it was the new sensation from the rest of his sudden gain in muscle mass.

But he had to check...just to be sure he didn't need to go to the hospital.

Opening the edge of his pants, looking south. Yep there was another big change.


He cried in shock, that majority of his body changed so suddenly. Sweat came down his forehead as he fumbled for the door nob but instantly broke it off its place.

'No way! This is not happening!'

Trying to open the door through the hole of the nob was difficult because he accidentally broke it on the other side.


"Izuku! Are you alright?! What happen!"

His aunt was racing towards his location as he struggled to get himself to calm down and open the door.

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