Fade - Prologue

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Ciel Phantomhive feels nothing, anymore.  Not a single thread of empathy clung to the young demon.  He chuckles to himself as he remembers that Sebatian was still destined to be his servant 'till the end of time.  That didn't mean that he couldn't hurt him, deprive him, love him, hold him... for as long as they still stood as creatures of the night, rules are bent, broken and decayed to the point of endangerment.  His strength is mighty, his wit precise and his shadow hidden from all the world.

The piano off key, he sits down to play, his fingers dancing lazily across the keys, whispering a tune he'd never heard before.  Yet notes appear in his mind's eye as he accesses the imagination of his lies.  He ends the ominous tune on a G flat chord, the lower octaves quivering as he hold the pedal down for as long as time allows.

The lights are dim as he stands once more, silently moving across his new mansion, decorated in black and grey, hues of red peeping out of clever places in the walls.  "Sebastian."  He mutters, his voice low and quiet.  The boy stills and Sebastian appears behind him, his gaze hot on his neck.

The servant silently bends down, his breath ghosting the boy's cold neck, sending shivers of pleasure down his spine.  He closes his eyes.  "Come with me."

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