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Renjun gulped hearing those words.

"I can tell he's gonna go through hell just by the looks of it" she said as she looked around for Mark. When she spotted him she gasped and immediately ran towards him.

Mark was walking to his front door and the officer didn't have to look inside to know that it's traumatizing. She's already heard screams and cries to know it's not a beautiful view. But unfortunately it was to late again.

Mark walked inside and his eyes widened looked at the mess. His new tears came spilling out of his eyes as he dropped to his knees.

"WHY ME" he yelled pounding his fists to the ground while he laid on his stomach.

"Why my parents?" he cried out loud hitting the floor harder. The officer came in and held back her tears seeing the boy so broken.

"Why my friends?" he kept pounding on the floor as he lifted himself in a crawling position.


"WHY DONGHYUCK WHY" he hit again.

"WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!!" another swing.
The lady gulped. He knew Donghyuck? Maybe they were friends? A whole bunch of questions swirled around in her head trying to figure out how they had a connection. She snapped out of her thoughts as she heard a loud crack. She looked at Mark and saw the floor was broken.

"Mark?" she stepped forward.

"Why'd you leave me Donghyuck" he sobbed. Renjun came inside the house hesitantly. He instantly saw Mark's bloody fist and the broken floor. It didn't take a genius to know what had happened.

"I-I loved you" the lady gasped from his words and but interrupted herself when Mark passed out, his body giving up.


Following Jeno (and Jaemin)

Jeno sat on his bed crying as his phone played some of his favorite songs that he shared with Jaemin off of their favorite radio station. He knew Jaemin to well to know that he must be doing the same thing. And he was right.

Jaemin was sitting on his bed staring at his phone while it played his and Jeno's favorite songs on the same radio station Jeno was listening to.

He reached over to the handle to his nightstand and opened it. Grabbing the little photos he smiled sadly as he took them out finding an open space. The brunette sat down with the photos getting ready to cry.

Jeno went to his closet and grabbed the box filled with photos. He made his way to the open space near his bed and took the photos of him and Jaemin had out. Jeno opened the box and scattered the photos around him.

He took his time as he sat staring at the photos trying to relive the beautiful moments that him and Jeno had. Jeno did the same except guilt would instantly abuse him.

As soon as his tears fell he would wipe them off and kiss the photo and mutter sweet nothings, compliments, and apology's that Jaemin couldn't hear like "I'm so sorry", "I don't deserve someone like you anyways", "your to good for me", "how are you so beautiful?", "I love you to much", "forgive me."

Jeno and Jaemin were snapped out of their little throwbacks as one of their national anthem played.

"Better place" they both whispered. Jaemin got up from his spot and made his way towards the device that played the song.

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