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                         Jack p.o.v
Jack-So Jonah have you ever made out with anyone.
Jonah-No why.
Jack-Oh just wondering.
Zach-Jack what did you do.
Jack-Zach can we talk in private.
Zach-Umm.....sure but why private.
Jack-ok so Jonah has a music video he made out with a girl and he said he never lied and he just said he never even kissed a girl.
Zach-Jonah lied
Jack-No no no no no
Tate-you made out with another girl
Jonah-What no what makes you think that
Tate-Music video
Jonah-Seriously Jack just because you torture Maddie doesn't mean you can break my relationship up.
Jack-Like I meant for her to hear it
Jonah-You shouldn't say it at all
Jack-Your not the boss of me ok why are you even in the band you suck at singing and your....
Maddie-Why are you guys arguing
Jack-Non of your business
Maddie-Can we talk
Maddie-In private
Jack-Fine I guess but why
Maddie-Becaus so said so ok ok


Jack-Because he always tries and control me ok he thinks he's the boss of everyone. I need to leave.
Maddie-I'll talk to him.
Maddie-I'll text you how it goes.

                      Maddie p.o.v
Maddie-Hey Jonah can we talk
Maddie-Stop controlling people
Jonah-Well I'm the oldest
Maddie-But he is an adult
Maddie-I'm right now please say sorry
Jonah-Fine whatever
Brittney-Ahahah don't you fine whatever her say yes ma'am
Jonah-Yes ma'am

Text messages

Me-He is coming to say sorry
Bully-Ok thanks

Oh my god I'm catching feeling for my bully....

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