Chapter 1

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Only Invisible

I am from a family that is fluent in sarcasm

But thorough in sincerity

What it means to be a Drake is to have a sense of humor

Which nicely compliments our motto of “You big dummy!”

I am from the seat by the window where my best ideas brew

and seek reorganization from the eyes of the world

my thinking place and where careful consideration occurs

to create several works of art and glimpses into my unknown future

I am from the shores where a big family comes together

to see the beauty in each other’s hearts

where magic is made

where memories occupy out conversations

I am from a picture that has been framed by tears

to remember what was

to remember what could have been

and to look on at what could be

I am from a field where inspiration, determination, and dedication

come together

and create the unknown beauty of


I am from the mirror where peoples words reflect and effect

how you view yourself as a person

and you’re forced to move on

and become successful

I am from a mind where my opinions and values

turn into the lyrics of my life music

and shape who I am as a person

in this cruel world

I am from a life where sentimental values

are in every piece I hold in my heart

and every memory

is as speechless as air

I am from a place where my words only echo

off the walls of my bedroom

and never escape to the outside

and yet I still keep trying

I am from a world where people spend their whole lives

pretending to be someone else

and looking for things that are

only invisible

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