Catalina glared at him but patted the concrete next to herself, offering a smile. Slowly, almost hesitantly, Jae accepted her invitation and sat down next to her. She turned to him, still fanning herself and keeping her smile.

     "Let me tell you, little Jae-Jae," he'd already given her a look of murder, "at your age, I had already learned so much in the game of dating. You see," She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pointed to the distance, "outfits have to match the occasion. Walks in the park or sightseeing doesn't equal fancy clothes. This doesn't mean you dress all ratchet though."

     "I'm literally half a year younger than you," he frowned.

     "Exactly! At your age I'd already had three boyfriends."

     He glared at her.

     "How many girlfriends have you had?"

     He refused to answer, spurting something along the lines of it not being her business and he didn't care how much dating experience she'd had. "Anyway," he opted to change the subject, "let's take these damn pictures."

     She sat up and posed on the ledge, trying to look as cute as she could. He stood and took a few steps back so that he could take a few pictures of her before he sat down next to her. They took a few selfies and even managed to ask a random stranger to take a picture of them.

     "Okay, so now what?" Catalina ruffled her hair so she could feel the breeze.

     "We're gonna walk around a bit more, then we're going to get lunch; it's on me."

     "How 'bout we stop for a smoothie, since I do owe you one and all."

     They took a couple of pictures here and there while looking for a smoothie place, when they did order their drinks, Jae had insisted he pay but Catalina was able to convince him that a deal was a deal and she had to honour her word.

     "So, tell me a bit more about yourself."

     "What is this? An interview?" Catalina frowned.

     "Ha ha no," he deadpanned, "This isn't an interview, but we need to get to know each other as best we can so we don't get caught," he said before sipping from his drink.

     "Well." She settled in her seat on the subway, watching the dark tunnels pass by through the windows. "My name is Catalina. I'm a hardworking indivi—"

     "Cat, I'm dead serious."

     "Alright, alright," she pouted, "so...I have two fishes. I know French, I...I don't know. What do people say about themselves?"

     "When you make friends, what do you usually start by saying?" He asked.

     "Hmm," she nibbled the inside of her cheeks, "I start by asking a stupid question, kinda like what I did when we first met."

     "And then?"

     "And then we just talk," she shrugged. "Let's see...I...I like to paint with acrylics, watercolours are crazy hard. I love meat and I love to go out. I've binged a few shows, one which was cringey and so very long ago... now it's your turn."

     He played with the smoothie cup. "I'm studying life sci because I want to go into research. I like working in labs and smoothies are heaven. I have a younger sister but she's back in Korea."

     "Really! How's she like? She must be adorable!" Catalina fawned. "How old is she?"

     "She's still in high school, but she's pretty mature for her age, although she loves to party. Her name's Eun-Byul and she can't get enough of dogs." He stirred his drink and Catalina could make out the faintest of smiles on his lips as he looked down at the smoothie. "She's fun and we get along very well."

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