(A/N) + VOTING!!

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Hey guys thanks for reading this far ❤️

There's something I wanna make clear and answer everyone's questions. Also because I'm not bothered to answer everyone's questions and say the same thing again and again.

If there's a certain ship you have, it will become cannon at the end, for example Alex X Ken a lot of you guys ship them.

To end this book I'm planning to make multiple endings where Alex dates one of them, so Terrance, Aki, Haru, etc.

They all get a happy ending with Alex. I might even make a harem ending where Alex dates all of them and they're for some reasons are okay with it.

If you guys ship characters that doesn't involve Alex, like Furu X Natsu because of their hate and love relationship then comment down below and I'll consider whether or not to make an ending of them.

Also for the people that thinks Alex has blonde hair and blue eyes I'm gonna make this clear.


But if you wanna continue with blonde hair and blue eyes do what you want, I can't control your rotten imagination. =_=

Also there is something I need to do, due to lack of creativity I don't have much to write up so that's why I'll write a small chapter to make up for it.

I'm planning to make one 'extra' chapter of Alex with one of the capture targets and of course they're gonna be intimate, *COUGH* lemon! *COUGH* or fluff or lime, but knowing everyone's dirty mind it's probably gonna be lemon.

Anyway VOTE for your favourite character and wether it should be fluff, lemon or lime!


That's all, thanks for the funny comments and votes ❤️ I'll make sure to prepare the next BL Otome game story as soon as this is done.

Love you guys. ❤️😘

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