A Night To Remember (Jacob x Reader)

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The tight and restricting corset dug into your sides every time you walked, and you plastered on a fake smile as you waltzed onto the patio of Buckingham Palace. Henry had contacted you and told you to dress nice, for tonight was the night Starrick was to rob the Vault of the Shroud of Eden.

Finally, after months of you and Evie searching London, she found clues for a map that showed the location of a hidden vault somewhere on the grounds of the Palace. Evie has walked upstairs with the 'help' of a guard, in order to gain access to the White Drawing Room to find where exactly the vault was located. Jacob was somewhere on the roof, taking out guards who were actually Templars in disguise and freeing hostages along his way.

Your job was to act natural, and to keep an eye out for Starrick. Evie wore the key to the vault as a necklace, a perfect way to conceal it without ever having to let it out of her sight. Your eyes scanned the crowd for Starrick, knowing exactly what he looked like from the picture on the Assassination Wall in the train. But so far, the man was nowhere to be found. As much as you wanted to rip the dress and corset off and change into your comfortable assassin robes, you suppressed the urge to do so and took another sip of your champagne.

"I have it." A feminine voice said into your ear, and you immediately recognized it as the older Frye twin and spun around to meet her tense gaze. She showed you the map, and you glanced over it before she put it back into the top part of her dress. (A/N: in her breasts, y'all.) You were both running low on time, Starrick could show up at any minute and kill you both and take the map and key and get the Shroud. Where was Jacob with his signal to get to the vault?

"Thank god. We best be going." You told her, and set the glass down on the bar and you followed Evie in her poofy red dress as she walked down the stairs. Sometimes you wondered how she did it, walk with such grace and poise while you were almost tripping over your feet in the heels she gave you. Evie really could do everything.

Suddenly, you were pulled aside by Mrs. Disraeli, her emerald green dress fit her perfectly and her little dog, Desmond, in his rightful place in her handbag. "Ms. Y/N, I don't believe you've met a friend of mine." She told you, her always chipper tone making you internally want to gouge your eyes out. You glanced at Evie and saw her looking at you, torn on whether to help you or get to the Vault. 'Go!' You mouthed, and she nodded at seeing you were perfectly capable of handling yourself and turned around and waltzed away.

Turning your attention back to Mrs. Disraeli, your eyes widened at seeing Queen Elizabeth standing before you in a black gown, a string of pearls around her pale neck, and a shawl over her dark hair. Your heart leaped into your throat, and you immediately curtsy before the Queen. "Your highness." You said, bowing your head in respect for the royal woman standing before you.

"Up, child." She said, her high pitched British accent making you even more nervous than you already were. You gulped, and Mrs. Disraeli smiled at your nervousness. "I trust you know who this is, Y/N?" Mrs. Disraeli said to you, and you looked over at her and nodded. She chuckled, and placed her gloved hand on your forearm. "This is Y/N L/N, she is the one associated with the Mr. Frye I spoke to you about." Mary Anne Disraeli said, and you momentarily pondered about what she told the Queen about Jacob. From what Jacob told you, all he did was escort Mrs. Disraeli through the Devil's Acre, and apparently he made quite an impression on the lady.

"Ah, yes. Well, Ms. L/N, the cake is exceptionally good." The Queen stated, before flicking her fan open in one fluid motion, and smiling slightly at you as she motioned for the two guards to follow her as she walked away. You finally let the breath you were holding in out, and Mrs. Disraeli heartily laughed at your actions before patting you on the shoulder and walking away.

Returning your mind to Evie and why you were here in the first place, you stood up on your tippy toes to scan the crowd of people dancing. You spotted Evie's red dress swaying through the crowds, and you wondered why she wasn't already at the vault. Hearing a almost silent whistle, you saw Evie turn her gaze to the rooftops a second before you did, and you spotted Jacob back in his assassin robes, giving a double thumbs up with a dorky smile. You smiled widely and scoffed at his childish actions, and turned back around to make your way to Evie.

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