Chapter 21

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Dr Jasper POV

It's freezing. I don't know how much longer my body can survive in these conditions. It's wet and cold and it's too exposed to the outside elements for humans to survive longer than a few days.

Maybe that's the plan. But why bring me here if not to punish me? I wish they would just make up their minds. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of running. I want to end it. I want him to end it for me because I'm too weak to do it myself.

Weak. That's what I am. Weak and pathetic. If I had just made a stand against my father perhaps none of this would have happened.

Maybe I would be at home with my family. My wife and three beautiful children. Instead, I followed my father's road for the sake of survival and it lead me here.

Marina is gone. Evelyn is dead. James hates me and Aida.....that's the worst part of all. What have I done to her. I don't even know where to begin.

And now I'm here, in this cell, just waiting to die slowly from hypothermia or awaiting a faster but more painful death. Punishment. For not coming through with the promise I swore to uphold.

Father. This is all your fault.

I scratch around in the dark to find my backpack. It's all they let me keep with me. The thin clothes on my back and the back pack I managed to grab and stock with a few tiny morsels of food and my precious journal before I made a run for it from the institution.

I didn't get far before they grabbed me. And I woke up here.

I pull out the journal. My memoir of sorts I guess. If anyone would ever read it. I had hoped that one day James and Aida would. It explains it all. The decisions I have been forced to make. The sacrifices. The horrors. The many mistakes over the years leading me to this uncertain end.

I flick back over the last few years of content in the tattered book. I know when it all went down hill. When my father turned on us all. The tear stained pages are a map of my broken will to be part of all of this horror. But I did it to protect Aida.

I turn the pages to the early days. Happier times. And the beginning of my darkest of times. I find the photo stuck in the journal, bookmarking a page that I know by heart. The day my heart broke.

September 15, 2001

They came in the night. I know the day like the back of my hand because we had just had the local town carnival. We had a picture as a new family of 5 in front of the Ferris wheel. Marina and I and our three little ones.

We took the children home, the two bigger ones were exhausted. Evelyn is 4 but is such a tiny girl, she is about the same size as her 2 year old brother. They are a carbon copy of each other in looks. Dark hair and almond shape eyes.

Marina's eyes.

I tackled the Little's into bed and go to my room and find Marina and Aidalyn cuddled up in the arm chair by the window. Little Aida is cooing softly in her mother's arms.

Marina looks tense. Her eyes search the darkened woods outside the window. She has been this way all day. Uptight and nervous.

An hour later I know why.

The scream in the hallway outside our room wakes me from my sleep. Marina is startled awake in the chair and looks at me, terrified. It's Evelyn. I rush out to see a tall, pale man in the hallway, holding the limp body of one of the elders wives.

The thing holding her stairs at Evelyn who is standing in her doorway, he licks his lips. In an instant I am at her side. I grab her and go into her room where James is awake and terrified in his bed. I lock the door.

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