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Everyone must have heard the quote "The one that got away" which means that "the person that you could've and should've ended up with but didn't, usually because of a series of poor choices on your end. You pine over them and wonder what could've been". And this suits Rudra Singh Oberoi's life so well. Living with the fact that he lost his Sumo was one of the hardest things in the world for Rudra Singh Oberoi to do.

He went from dreaming about a complete life with utter bliss to hating himself for his impulsiveness, hating himself for losing his Sumo, whom he still loves to death.

Many people might tell him that time will heal you and maybe it does in other cases. But not with Rudra Singh Oberoi. No amount of time will ever heal his wounds. BUT he is Rudra Singh Oberoi, giving up is not in his dictionary. And let's not forget the fact that he and his Saumya never had it easy. They had to work hard and every time it felt like they are going to make it, that's when it all fell apart. However, he is Rudra Singh Oberoi, he will take all the chances with His Saumya. He will find her and bring her back as Saumya Rudra Singh Oberoi. He will declare his love for her and give all the love and happiness in the world to her that even in her dreams, she never thinks to leave him ever again. That is Rudra Singh Oberoi's promise.

♡♡♡Hi guys. This is a new story written by me but the plot is by nilimamalladi for Arshi ff but I felt Rumya could use the plot too. Hope you all are excited about the story. I will post the first chapter very soon. Maybe this weekend♡♡♡

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