⚫Chapter 6⚫

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Monday, September 10

Today was the first day of college. Well, our first day of college. Saphira, Nathan, and I. Blaike was currently in his last year, whether as Lucian was in his second year. Saphira seemed extremely excited to go to college, whether as I was the opposite.

College meant I would have to make new friends, study more, and stay up late doing lots of homework. How exciting!

"Can you guys hurry up?!" I heard Blaike yell from downstairs.

"We're coming!!"

Saphira and I were currently in the bathroom just finishing our makeup. We both wore very little makeup. Just a bit of mascara, and lipgloss.

"Are you even excited?" my best friend asked me as we walked down the stairs together.

"Sort of, I mean it's just school..."

Saphira rolled her eyes and then grabbed an apple before saying goodbye to her parents.

"Bye mom, bye dad," I sighed while giving both of my parents a hug.

"Aww! I can't believe my baby is off to college," my mom exclaimed while sniffling.

"Ok, mom. I'm not getting married, I'm just going to college."

"Alright, Athena, let her go," my dad said trying to drag my mom away from my grasp.

"Will she be ok?" I mouthed to my dad as she embraced my dad in a hug.

"She'll be fine. Have fun," he responded.

I grabbed a muffin from the breakfast table and walked out of the house.


I wanted to be a nurse. I absolutely loved the idea of helping others and making a difference. The boys would tease me sometimes when I acted too much like a mother, but I couldn't help it.

I finally found my first class and walked into the room. As soon as I stepped in, all eyes were on me. I heard girls whispering and saw guys pointing. I just rolled my eyes and walked to an empty seat. After trying to figure out the wifi for a good five minutes, the redhead next to me spoke up.

"You have really dope hair."

I looked over at him and smiled.

"Thank you."

He was cute. He had striking blue eyes that were as icy as the ocean. His hair was a beautiful red causing me to stare at him for a very long time.

"Hi, I'm Jasper," he said while sticking out his hand.


Why did his voice sound familiar? I couldn't put my finger on it.

"I love the colour of your wig. It suits you."

"Uh, no. It's not a wig."

"Oh sorry. I'm not really familiar with how black girls wear their hair. Is it extensions?"

I laughed feeling quite surprised. He knew a bit of stuff.

"This is my real hair."

Jasper instantly dropped his mouth and gasped.

"Oh, so you dyed it white," he said with a chuckle.

"No. I was born with this hair."

I removed my phone from my backpack and unlocked it. After finally finding the toddler picture of myself in my camera roll, I showed Jasper who still sat there with astonishment.

"Damn. You're telling the truth," he whispered to himself.

I nodded while rubbing my hand up and down my arm. The room was oddly chilly.

"Is this your first year?"

I looked back at him and nodded.

"Yes, it is."


After class, both Jasper and I walked out of our class together.

"Well, it was really nice meeting you," he said with a grin.

"Yeah, you too."

"I'll see you around."

I watched him walk away feeling happy.

He seemed nice.

Maybe this won't be too bad after all.


"Are you going?" Saphira asked me as we walked towards Blaike's car.

"Going where?"

"Well, the guys and a couple of other people are going to grab something to eat."

"Sure. I'm starving."

We waited patiently for the boys to arrive and finally made our way towards the Chinese restaurant.


"So where are your friends?" I asked Nathan as we took our seats at the table.

"They should be here in a couple of minutes."

In the meantime, Saphira and I talked about our first day. After around ten minutes, Nathan spoke up.

"There they are," Nathan exclaimed.

I watched Nathan get up and walk towards the group of people.

Sure enough, there was Jasper.

"Hey Leilani! I didn't know you knew Nathan."

I smiled at him briefly before looking over at the other people. They all took their seats before greeting us.

"Hi, I'm Raphael," said the dirty blonde.

"I'm Julian," said the tanned boy.

"And I'm Neha," said the pretty Indian girl.

"I'm Saphira, this is Leilani, that's my mate Lucian, and that's Blaike."

I knew it. They were all werewolves.

"Your hair is beautiful," Neha exclaimed.

"Thank you."

"Where's everybody else?" Nathan asked Jasper.

"Eli said he's running a bit late, so they should be here in about ten minutes."

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