Chapter Twenty-Three: Library dates.

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Library dates.

Monday, 8:18 PM

HIS duffle bag dropped onto the pavement as he returned the embrace Lydia was holding him tightly in. Her arms wrapped around him, his wrapped around her.

"You played great tonight," she whispered gently. She felt as if her compliment wasn't enough, that she should just take it back because it didn't even come close to the standard he played at.

Little did she know George was blushing like crazy into her hair. Butterflies were flying around his stomach, wanting to escape but he was afraid what they'd do with that kind of freedom.

"Come on, we have a lot to do tonight." He flashed her one of his infamous lopsided smiles as he intertwined their hands together.

Cara Adam's yawned as she saw her favourite employee walking towards her, his hand laced with the hand of a girl. This must be the Lydia he's so fond of.

"Lock up when you're done and no funny business," she winked, throwing the keys at the blonde who was grinning like a fool.

All his plans were working out so far, he just hoped she'd like it as much as he will, "no promises."

Lydia shook her head at him, a slight smile was placed on her lips. He'd brought her to her haven and it was just the two of them, together.

"Don't worry, tonight is our night and if I have my way it will never end."


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